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Deaf Senior Dog With Cancer Gets Adopted By Handsome Man & Their Story Goes Viral

| Published on January 20, 2017

When it comes to animals, we just love happy endings. Hearing a story about a dog’s life completely changing for the better can brighten our whole day.

For a 9-year-old dog named Donuts, who is deaf and was diagnosed with cancer last month, his dreams came true when he was adopted into his forever home. The pup’s exciting new start, in addition to his handsome new dad, made their story explode on the internet!

Donuts was at the Ark-Valley Humane Society in Buena Vista, Colorado, a rescue that wanted nothing more than for this sweet boy to enjoy the rest of his life – however long that may be. When an organization called Susie’s Senior Dogs pitched in to help by sharing Donuts’ story online, it touched the hearts of many, including a man named Matt.

When Matt came to the shelter to meet with the pup, everyone knew they were meant to be together. Susie’s Senior Dogs posted a picture of the dashing duo, and the reactions and comments started pouring in!

As reported by KUSA news, here’s a snapshot of what people were saying:

“Is Matt available for adoption? Just… you know…asking for a friend..”

“I think Matt and Donut are exactly what a lot of women are looking for. God bless you Matt and thanks for adopting this sweet pup and loving him the rest of his life no matter how long. Happy life you two.”

“Is he taking girlfriend applications?!”

“I have a feeling a lot more women will be heading to Chessman Park”
“Wonderful man, and not bad to look at.”

“Okay can I adopt the human and his dog?”

“I would be happy to foster Matt for a while!“

“I’ll have one of each please.”

Matt had no idea that bringing his new furry friend home would also bring them fame! According to the KUSA, he was taken aback by all the attention.

“It was quite unexpected and flattering,” he said in the story. “I didn’t read all of [the comments]. But some of them were pretty funny and some were a little over the top… I had to disable my comments because my mom saw some of the comments, and some of them were getting a little borderline inappropriate and awkward for my mom to read…”

“I went down and picked him up, and he’s a great dog. He’s old, but once you get him out of the shelter, he’s full of life,” Matt added of his new pal.

In addition to a forever home and newfound fame, Donuts got even more good news! KUSA reports that Matt is having the pup’s tumor removed from his leg – and then he’ll be cancer free!

(h/t: KUSA)

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