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Disclaimer: This Little Girl & Her Doggie Soulmate Will Absolutely Steal Your Heart

| Published on September 15, 2015

Just like in the fairy tales, this princess suffered a tragedy before she got her happy ending. Siena, now four, grew up with a sweet long-haired Chihuahua named Rabbit, whom taught her a lot about how to treat a dog. Rabbit instantly fell for the little princess the day she came home from the hospital, and laid with her, cuddled with her, and even shared her car seat as Siena grew.

Image source: Cutie and The Beast

Clearly an infant with amazing deduction and reasoning skills, her mother, Tara Hana, told that, “As an infant, she just knew that if she was boisterous or loud, the warm furry presence at her side would scamper off. When she was calm and quietly cooing, that little sweet shy dog would cuddle up to her and stay there for hours.” Tara went on to explain that Siena just seems to “instinctively” know how to act around animals. She stays “calm and quiet” and crouches low with smaller animals, rather than running and screaming toward them like many young children. But then the tragedy. A passing jogger kicked Rabbit and that was all it took – he was gone. That was when Tara decided it was time for a bigger dog. “We went from chi to dobie because I was terrified of having a ‘delicate’ dog again,” Tara explained. “She was killed so suddenly and unexpectedly I wanted a very tough, strong dog. My husband also travels a lot and having a dog that looked intimidating to strangers really appealed to me.” So after a lot of searching and even trying some foster dogs, they decided upon a breeder of Dobermans that were known for their sweet temperaments.  And, in early 2013, Buddha, an adorable Doberman puppy, came to live with the princess.

Image source: Cutie and The Beast

  “Just like Rabbit, he was drawn to our daughter, Siena,” Tara writes on their website. “He could not resist her gentle nature, and soft words and hands. Likewise, Buddha’s mellow personality and thirst for affection found the attention of our little girl. Although he is trained by the adults in the family, he finds true companionship in his human counterpart.” It was love at first sight and the beginning of Siena’s happily ever after. (photos used with permission from Tara Hana.)   They read together

Image source: Cutie and The Beast
Image source: Cutie and The Beast

Sleep together  

Image source: Cutie and The Beast
Image source: Cutie and The Beast

  Get haircuts together  

Image source: Cutie and The Beast

  Play together  

Image source: Cutie and The Beast
Image source: Cutie and The Beast

  Have spa days together…  

Image source: Cutie and The Beast

  And of course, Buddha has to have his nails done too…this video just proves how patient he is!

Mani/pedi for the most patient dog in the world. We’ve used @piggypaint (available for both toddlers and dogs) since Siena was two. The odorless, non-toxic polish makes it guilt-free yet full of vibrant fun to use on both my kiddos.

Posted by Cutie and The Beast on Thursday, April 16, 2015

Dance together

Image source: Cutie and The Beast

Share meals

Image source: Cutie and The Beast

And share secrets

Image source: Cutie and The Beast

The inseparable duo are taking the internet by storm, showing people how sweet and gentle dobies can be, and how great a relationship a child can have with a dog.

Image source: Cutie and The Beast

 Go conquer the world Siena – your beast-turned-prince will be right there with you. You can follow their fairy tale on Facebook, Instagram, and

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