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Dog And Friends Enact Revenge On Cruel Driver’s Car

| Published on April 23, 2021

Life on the streets can be rough for a dog with nowhere to live and no humans to feed and love them. Still, they can sometimes find comfort in other homeless animals. Dogs did evolve from the wolf, after all, which is a pack animal. They like company, and they can benefit from it in many ways.

A driver kicked a stray dog in a Shijiazhuang, China parking lot to shoo her away from a space. At the time, the dog didn’t respond to this abuse. She had the clarity to wait it out and plot some more effective revenge… with a little help from her friends.


The dog later returned with two other dogs she had enlisted to show the kicker who’s really in charge. All three dogs then attacked the parked car, leaving some visible damage.


Photos snapped by passersby show three dogs biting and clawing at the vehicle, though the driver is nowhere to be seen. He likely returned to what amounted to pretty high repair costs. And, as many on social media chimed in to say, it serves him right.

“How[‘s] he going to tell his insurance what happened? 6 stars for the dogs YES.” – Patti Dooley-heroux via Facebook

“He totally deserved that, no one should ever kick or abuse any animal!” – Theresa Howarth via Facebook


Others appreciated the dogs’ loyalty and commitment to their friend.

“Wish I had some friends that loved me that much.” – Robin Madere Cascio via Facebook

“Never underestimate the power of a pack!” – Eliana A Oyarzun Cuevas via Facebook
It’s worth noting there’s a lot of information missing from this narrative, but it’s still an impressive display of pack loyalty and a dog’s intelligence. Plus, everyone loves to see an animal abuser face karma.

On Stray Dogs And Perceived “Violent” Behavior

While this story technically involves dogs acting “violently,” the perception of stray dogs as inherently aggressive is rooted in misinformation. In this particular instance, it seems the dog responded emotionally and defensively (as one would) to abuse.

Many strays and dogs rescued from the streets exhibit what can be called “aggressive” behavior. This is mostly a fear response, acquired as a defense during a rough life on the streets. However, there are many kinds of aggression and different types of treatment associated with each one.

By learning a dog’s triggers, being patient with them, and treating them appropriately, the most anxious street dog can become the cuddliest pet. Learn more about managing fear aggression in dogs here.

H/T: McGill Media
Featured Image: @ChinaGlobalTVNetwork/Facebook

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