Dog Goes Bonkers With Excitement Whenever His Pig Friend Comes Over To Play

We’ve all seen a lot of odd friendships throughout the world, but there’s one between a dog and a pig that might top them all! Unique animal relationships encapsulate pure unselfishness, and these two have it in abundance.


Image/Story Source and Video Credit: TheDodo – Facebook Watch Video



When the puppy sees his pal, the tiny piggy, he goes into a frenzy! He’s ecstatic to see his buddy again, and the feeling is mutual. Both of the animals were rescued and are owned by kind people who wanted to see how they would get along.



Image/Story Source and Video Credit: TheDodo – Facebook Watch Video



That is all there is to it! It’s easy for them to get along, because they have a lot in common. Watch as the two zoom around the yard and then nip down for a snooze once they’re exhausted!

Watch theses two cutie patooties run around and have the time of their lives! Please be sure to SHARE this adorable video with a friend or family member!


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