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Dog Reaches Her “Peak” And Gets Carried Down Mountain On A Stretcher

| Published on August 23, 2022

Typically when you see a rescue team carrying someone on a stretcher down the mountain, it means something pretty bad has gone down. When the Lochaber Mountain Rescue Team climbed back down carrying a hiker on a stretcher on August 15th, 2022, the reason was fortunately just sore paws.

While on the Ben path on Lochaber Mountain in Scotland, a 77-pound (35 kg) dog named Maggie suddenly reached her limit and refused to continue. It took two men and a stretcher to help get her back down again.


Maggie’s Rescue

It was a hot August day, so the rescue teams had their hands full assisting travelers. This call was something a little different for them.

“With everyone out enjoying the scorching weather across Lochaber yesterday, the team were out attending to five call-outs. The first four shouts ranged from fractures to heat related illness, with the fifth casualty of the day being a little furrier than usual,” the Lochaber Mountain Rescue Team posted on Facebook.


The three women hiking with Maggie tried to get her to continue downwards, but the Turkish Akbash wouldn’t budge. They attempted to carry her, but it’s tough with a dog that size who’s not exactly helping you out.

Fortunately, since they knew who they were coming to save prior to arriving, the rescue team showed up fully prepared.

“A stretcher party, complete with a casualty carer and chicken stick treats, were dispatched to assist. Once Maggie was secured into the stretcher she was able to be transported down the hill for a well-earned rest.”

Don’t Worry – She’s Fine!

Maggie couldn’t (and wouldn’t) take another step, but luckily she wasn’t unconscious, fearful, or severely injured, so transporting her was more of a courtesy call than an emergency call. Team leader Donald Paterson later told BBC:

“[Maggie] had a few cuts to [her] paws, but I think with the heat and soreness [she] decided [she] wasn’t going any further.”


Still, who knows how long Maggie and her human companions would have been stuck up there if the rescue team hadn’t come to their aid?

“The owners were struggling and would certainly have been up there all night if they didn’t get any assistance,” Paterson noted.


The Lochaber Mountain Rescue Team works hard saving lives, and though they didn’t have to trek out to help a dog on such a busy day, they really wanted to. That’s pretty incredible.

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Featured Image: Facebook