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Dog Dental Health And Why It Should Be A Top Priority

| Published on July 19, 2018

Every dog parent wishes for their dog to live a long and healthy life. We feed them quality food. Schedule regular check-ups. Make it a point to consult the vet over any lumps, bumps, or changes in behavior. But did you know that one of the things you should monitor the closest is the condition of your dog’s mouth? Dog dental health is vital to your dog’s overall well-being. We’re here to tell you why–and how to keep it in check!

How Do I Make Dog Dental Health A Priority?

Your dog’s dental health is central to his overall well-being. Many painful and even life-threatening diseases can plague your pooch if his dental hygiene is neglected.

Did you know these issues can all stem simply from bad oral care?

  • Heart valve infections
  • liver abscesses
  • sepsis
  • lack of appetite (from sore teeth)
  • bone infections

A simple teeth cleaning routine can help you avoid these issues. Above all, it can prevent and possibly help reverse dental disease. Dog dental health doesn’t have to be hard. Start a daily program. You’ll be wondering why you start sooner.

Consistent brushing is the best way to keep those pearly whites shiny. It’s also important to sneak other teeth-cleaning techniques into your dog’s day – ones that he actually enjoys! By doing so, your dog’s dental health will always be a top priority.

Here is a list of things you can make a part of your pup’s daily routine to treat and/or prevent dental disease:

  • Give him a dental chew toy, it’ll scrub his teeth pleasantly and he’ll have fun, too!
  • Give him healthy snacks that are good for his teeth like apples and carrots
  • Try offering him a teeth cleaning Dental Chew

Dental chews are a wonderful option for your dog to weave into his personal dog dental health plan. You’ll love that it has health benefits, while he’ll love having a tasty treat to gnaw on!

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