Puppy Escaped His Home, Instantly ‘Regrets It’ And Rings Doorbell To Get Back In

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Have you ever made a mistake and then, after doing so, realized it was a poor decision? I believe we’ve all done this at least once in our lives, and it appears that this sensation is not unique to people. Marshall, a three-month puppy from Spokane, Washington, immediately regretted his decision to flee his home. He managed to get out; nevertheless, rather of running away like most dogs would do, he swiftly changed his mind in hilarious fashion.


Image/Story Source Credit: YouTube Video



He scratched on the door and even rang the doorbell (which makes a knocking noise) with his nose before realizing he had made a terrible mistake. He first scratch on the door, and then he banged it various times with his nose. Fortunately for us, the family’s surveillance camera recorded the entire event. The adorable Golden Retriever puppy in this video tries to get inside but is unable to do so.



Image/Story Source Credit: YouTube Video



Marshall’s tale has a happy ending, thankfully. Someone heard Marshall and allowed him back into his home. We can only hope that he learned his lesson and will think twice before fleeing in the future.


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