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Scared Lost Pup Stopped Traffic And Begged To Be Saved

Written by: Dee Michaels
Dee Michaels is a passionate and accomplished writer, renowned for his heartwarming and engaging stories on more
| Published on December 20, 2023

While commuting in Miami, Florida, a driver abruptly stopped upon spotting a furry animal darting through heavy traffic. On closer inspection, they realized it was a solitary dog desperately seeking rescue. Convinced that someone would aid her, the frightened dog approached various cars, pleading for help in her own way. Regrettably, her attempts were in vain as each vehicle passed by without stopping.

Distressed by such an unfortunate sight, the driver quickly parked their car and hurried to assist the lost dog, eventually taking her to Miami-Dade Animal Services.


Image/Story Source Credit: Humans and Animal United via YouTube Video


Rosa Fond, founder of Humans and Animals United, a Florida-based volunteer animal rescue organization, was moved to tears after watching the video of the dog navigating through traffic seeking help. “We can’t be sure how much time she spent out there, desperately looking for rescue. A helpless dog, unable to communicate in our language, did her best by approaching cars,” said Fond to The Dodo.

Fond immediately discussed with her team and devised a plan to aid the dog, who they named Olivia. Soon, a representative from the rescue visited the Miami-Dade shelter to see Olivia. They captured a photo of the adorable dog and sent it to Fond. The representative from Humans and Animals then transported Olivia to their facility. The dog appeared bewildered, unaware that her life was on the brink of a positive transformation.

The rescue’s staff and volunteers immediately fell in love with her and committed to helping her find joy. The following day, Olivia was welcomed into a loving foster home, where she experienced the comfort and warmth of a real home for the first time, sleeping peacefully in a cozy bed. Olivia was taken to a veterinarian and received treatment for her skin issues and kennel cough. Showered with affection, Olivia began to thrive, her happiness evident in her broad smile and her enchanting, princess-like demeanor.


Image/Story Source Credit: Humans and Animal United via YouTube Video


In her foster home, Olivia enjoys watching television and spending time with her foster siblings. Her foster family amusingly notes that she can be quite persuasive, melting their hearts with her adorable expressions. Olivia relishes the love showered upon her by her foster family, assured that she will never be overlooked again.

I am confident that Olivia will soon find a permanent home filled with love and care. Like all dogs, she deserves boundless love and attention. We are profoundly thankful to the compassionate driver who responded to Olivia’s plea for help, ensuring her safety.

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