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“Dog Is My Co-Pilot” – Mutts4Trucks Pairs Lonely Shelter Dogs and Truckers

| Published on February 25, 2020

Truckers are indeed the backbone of America. Moving goods from coast to coast and everywhere in between. But with the job comes long, solitary hours on the road. But having a companion can make life on the road better. Less lonely.

Fortunately, PEDIGREE and Mobil Delvac recognized this as an opportunity to help truckers and shelter dogs at the same time. So they created Mutts4Trucks, which brings truckers and shelter dogs together to live happily furever after. This fantastic program is proving to have a massive impact on the lives of both truckers and dogs alike.

Image Mutts4Trucks

The Road is Less Lonely with a Co-Pilot

Mutts4Trucks held its first adoption event last fall at a truck center in Nashville. The Nashville Humane Society brought adoptable dogs, and truckers had a chance to meet and greet with the feisty bunch. Mutts4Trucks offered incentives and freebies to truckers for adopting, including PEDIGREE dog food, a leash, a car harness, and more.

Amber Carlton–Wise is a new long-haul driver. She decided to adopt a dog at the event to curb her feelings of loneliness on the road and at home.

She told Mutts4Trucks, “I’m lonely, sometimes I get bored, or when I go home on home-time, I don’t know what to do because I’m so used to trucking now,” she said. “So, I said I have all this time and I got love — everyone’s got love to give — so I’ll use that love for a pup.”

Image Mutts4Trucks

Improvements to Physical and Mental Health

Mutts4Trucks knew that shelter dogs and truck drivers were a match made in heaven. To prove it, they enlisted the help of three truckers and their dogs. They tracked the physical and emotional wellbeing of the teams using activity trackers, facial coding, and written surveys. The results showed several positive impacts of being together for the truckers and their furry companions.

  • The truckers saw an increase in feelings of happiness after one week with their adopted dogs.
  • The truckers saw an increase in calories burned and steps taken per day after two months with their new pups.
  • The dogs saw an increase in calories burned and a decrease in time spent resting after two months of being adopted.

Adopt Your New Co-Pilot at the Mid-America Trucking Show in March! 

Image Mutts4Trucks

Videos Show How Good Life on the Road Can Be

The three participants let PEDIGREE and Mobil Delvac take a peek inside their new lives together to see just how great things were going. Aldrick adopted Zoro. Being away from his three-year-old daughter has been a big challenge. Having Zero helps him feel more connected.

Shannon goes home only a few times a year. Truck stops can be dangerous places for a female trucker, especially at night. Her dog Cora makes her feel safe, in and out of her truck. Jacinda is a third-generation female trucker who spends about 20 hours a day in her truck. Her kids are grown and recently left home. Her dog Miles has filled that nest back up. The dogs are making life on the road and at home more enjoyable, less lonely, and more fulfilling. See for yourself in the heart-warming, tear-jerking videos below.

Want to adopt your own four-legged road companion? Contact Mutts4Trucks or see them at their next adoption event at MATS.

Featured Image: Mutts4Trucks

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