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The 3-3-3 Rule: Set Your New Rescue Dog Up For Success

Bringing home a new dog is exciting, joyful, and often overwhelming. You worry about choosing the right food, how long potty training will take, and whether or not they will fit in with your lifestyle. If you are stressed, just imagine the anxiety your pup must feel! Many rescue dogs have lost a family member or been abandoned by the people who promised to love and protect them. Some have spent years in an institutional shelter setting, while others are … Read more

15 Totally FREE Ways To Help Shelter Dogs & The Staff Who Care For Them

There are all kinds of dog lovers out there, including those who cannot have a pooch of their own due to financial constraints, physical limitations, or housing concerns. Even if you cannot foster, adopt, or make a financial donation, you can still help the pups at your local shelter and the staff who work hard to give them better lives! Non-profit organizations like public shelters and private rescues are in constant need of supplies, products, and services from their community. … Read more

Artist “Disneyfies” Special Shelter Pets To Help Them Find Homes

Isa Bredt is a 22-year-old Dutch artist who has given new meaning to the term, “Disneyfication.” Originally used by sociologists to describe the simplification of society, Bredt has made the word less about consumerism and more about cuteness. For her Pet Disneyfication Project, she transforms dogs, cats, and other furry friends into heart-meltingly adorable Disney characters! It all started when the aspiring illustrator began drawing some of Instagram’s most famous and unique pets such as @MillietheWunderDog. Millie was just a … Read more

“Dog Is My Co-Pilot” – Mutts4Trucks Pairs Lonely Shelter Dogs and Truckers

Truckers are indeed the backbone of America. Moving goods from coast to coast and everywhere in between. But with the job comes long, solitary hours on the road. But having a companion can make life on the road better. Less lonely. Fortunately, PEDIGREE and Mobil Delvac recognized this as an opportunity to help truckers and shelter dogs at the same time. So they created Mutts4Trucks, which brings truckers and shelter dogs together to live happily furever after. This fantastic program … Read more

5-Star Chef Turns Leftovers Into Food For Shelter Dogs

Chef J Gourmet is head chef at the five-star Hotel Fairmont in Abu Dhabi. Concerned about the global food waste issue, he came up with a wonderful way to re-purpose the hotel’s unused food. Instead of sending it to rot in a landfill, Chef J Gourmet turns it into dog food for the area’s strays! Doggy Bag Initiative The program is called the Doggy Bag Initiative. After each meal, the restaurant staff collects the leftover food in large trash bags. … Read more

Officer “Arrests” Shelter Dogs And Takes Them For A Ride

Twice a month, senior police officer, Aundrea Holiday visits the Heritage Humane Society in Williamsburg, Virginia. She arrives bright and early, loads an adoptable pooch into her cruiser, and spends the morning patrolling for potential adopters. The program is called Dog For A Day, and it has been extremely successful since its inception last February. “All of the adoptable pets that she [Officer Holiday] has taken out in 2019 have been adopted out,” Jennifer LaFountain, a volunteer and community engagement … Read more

Shelter Workers Get Paid To Have Overnight Snuggle-Fests With Adoptable Dogs

An innovative Illinois shelter is turning a tragic situation into a triumphant new policy. Instead of spending each night alone in their kennels, the lucky dogs at the Knox County Humane Society in Galesburg will have the opportunity to snuggle with some of their favorite shelter workers. The new third shift comes in response to a shelter fire at a Chicago shelter in which 30 dogs perished. Illinois passed the Fire Safety for Pets Act to prevent future tragedies. It … Read more

Thanks to You, Harvey Went from Hungry to Happy

Everyone loves a happy ending and it’s out absolute privilege to bring you success stories that are a direct result of your purchases through iHeartDogs. Our partnership with GreaterGood means that your every item you buy on our site makes a difference. Today we get to introduce you to Harvey, who was a recipient of much needed food to fill his belly and return him to good health. Harvey was found in the woods. He was only about six months … Read more

Can Human Psychology Help Shelter Dogs Find The Right Homes?

Potential adopters tend to enter animal shelters with some idea of their perfect pup. However, according to psychologists at Indiana University Bloomington, their final decision is often based on only a few specific traits. The discrepancy between what a person says they want and what they actually choose is referred to as the stated–revealed preference gap. It is the basis for Dr. Samantha Cohen’s research on the adoption process. The Problem Currently, 13% of adopted dogs end up back at … Read more

These Illustrations Perfectly Depict How You Feel When You Rescue A Dog

Rescuing a dog from an animal shelter is a life changing experience. From the moment you find each other, there is a tidal wave of emotions including a bit of apprehension about what’s to come. Opening your home and heart to a being who may have had a rough start sometimes leads to a shaky beginning for your new life together. As you get to know one another, though, you fill each other up in equal measure with love. Both … Read more

Senior Dogs Find New Hope In An Unexpected Place

The ASPCA reports that only about 25% of senior dogs get adopted from shelters. This statistic is heartbreaking. Rescue groups do all they can to find homes for shelter dogs but there is always more help needed. While volunteering at shelters, Russell Clothier noticed that senior dogs seemed to languish, and his heart told him to do something about it. Shep’s Place Senior Dog Sanctuary was born as a result. The name was inspired by Clothier’s own senior dog, a rescue … Read more

Labels Like Mutt And Mixed Breed Are Out, American Shelter Dog Is In

For millions of shelter dogs across the country, labels matter. Dogs are labeled almost as soon as they walk through the shelter door. For a lucky few, labels like Labrador Retriever and Siberian Husky will work in their favor. They’ll be scooped up by adopters looking for purebred dogs before the dogs even know what’s happening. But for the majority of dogs in the shelter system, the idea of breed labeling won’t be as gratifying. Thanks to breed discrimination and … Read more

“Every Dog Day” On November 15th Seeks To Change Breed Stereotypes

Countless shelter dogs are overlooked because of situations beyond their control, and animal rescues are overwhelmed fighting for their welfare. The day when animal shelters have only empty kennels is a long way off, but the online pet adoption community called Get Your Pet is determined to make a difference. This year, Get Your Pet has designated November 15 as “Every Dog Day” to show that all dogs—regardless of breed or background—deserve to be loved. They’re having a photo contest … Read more

Need A Cuddle Buddy? You Can “Rent-A-Dog” At This Shelter!

There are many reasons a dog lover may not be able to have a pooch of their own, but now they can satisfy their canine cravings with a visit to the Camden County Animal Shelter in Blackwood, New Jersey. The shelter introduced their new “Rent-a-Dog” program last week and it is already a rousing success! Since its debut on the CCAS Facebook page, the program has attracted so many potential pup “renters,” the staff has requested more time to reply … Read more

Shelter Makes Controversial Decision To Halt Adoptions Until After The Holidays

Dogs Trust is the largest canine welfare charity in Ireland and the UK. The organization has been rescuing and rehoming pups since 1891 with their now-famous motto, “A dog is for life.” In keeping with this philosophy, the Dublin rehoming center has suspended all adoptions until after the New Year in an effort to discourage people from bringing home pets on a whim. The charity took to the streets in order to demonstrate the message of their Paws For Thought campaign. Using … Read more

Volunteer Thinks Up Genius Plan To Ensure Every Shelter Pet Has A Bed

For the past three years, Scott Poore has spent four to five hours each day volunteering at shelters in the Kansas City area. He found one problem to be universal to almost every facility: they were constantly overrun with dirty laundry. Those that weren’t did not have beds for the dogs and cats at all. Then one day, while shopping at Ikea, he stumbled upon the solution. Bath mats. “I thought, ‘Man these are really affordable. They’re incredibly comfortable,’” Poore told … Read more

This US State Just Put A Ban On Dogs Sold From Puppy Mills

On Friday, October 13, California Governor Jerry Brown signed Assembly Bill 485 banning pet store operators from selling dogs, cats, or rabbits unless they are obtained from a shelter or rescue. The law, that some argue will put pet stores out of business, is set to go into effect January 1, 2019. Supporters hope that closing off the pet store sales outlet will discourage the irresponsible breeders who operate puppy mills. Stores that violate the legislation by selling non-rescue animals will face … Read more

This State’s Shelters Will Waive Adoption Fees For Veterans On Veteran’s Day

November 11, 2017 will mark the 99th anniversary of the American holiday known as Veteran’s Day, which was originally set to commemorate the end of World War I. This week, Illinois Comptroller Susana A. Mendoza announced that animal shelters across the state will honor their veterans by waiving adoption fees on all available dogs and cats for servicemen and women on Saturday, November 11. Congratulations to this special senior pup on finding a home today! We couldn’t be happier for you … Read more

Food Donations Allow Shelter Staff To Focus On The Emotional Needs Of Dogs

Like so many dogs before her, Faith found herself abandoned at her local Oklahoma shelter for a heartbreaking reason – her family simply did not want her anymore. Faith sank into a deep depression, trembling with fear and refusing to eat well. When someone walked past her kennel she would cower and peer up at them with sadness and confusion in her eyes. She was in danger of slipping through the cracks when a kind volunteer took notice. A young … Read more

8 Reasons To Adopt Your Next Dog

All dogs have the capacity to be incredibly loving companions, no matter their age, breed or background. When you are ready to bring home another furry family member, why not consider adoption? Approximately 3.9 million dogs enter American shelters each year, and each one deserves to experience the comfort and safety of a forever home. Here are eight fabulous reasons to adopt a shelter dog – or two! 1. The Choices Are Endless   There is a common misconception that … Read more

Study Shows That Dogs Prefer Certain Genres Of Music (You’ll Be Surprised!)

Millions of pet owners leave the TV, iPod, or some form of background noise playing to help sooth their dogs when they are not home. But have you ever wondered whether or not they prefer a specific genre? Researchers in Scotland have! They played five different types of music to a group of shelter dogs and assessed their physiological and behavioral responses to see which they found most relaxing. The genres included soft rock, Motown, pop, reggae and classical. The Scottish SPCA … Read more

Pet Resort Treats 8 Shelter Dogs To A Splashing Good Time

Summer has arrived in Phoenix, Arizona and it is hot, hot, hot!  Earlier this week, eight lucky shelter pups from Maricopa County Animal Care & Control – Rogue, Greyson, Bean, Henry, Loki, Ozzie, Benito and Polo – were invited to beat the heat at the gorgeous Second Home Pet Resort. The 16,500 square foot luxury establishment includes a magnificent doggy water park complete with an 18-inch-deep splash pool and a rock waterfall! Needless to say, the ecstatic dogs made the most … Read more

The Simple And Powerful Way You Can Help Shelter Dogs Get Adopted

Many dogs arrive at animal shelters after years of abuse or a lifetime on the streets. That kind of neglect can cause many severe health problems, which may in turn affect the dog’s personality and their ability to get adopted. Have you ever considered the importance of a bath and maybe a haircut for a dog that’s been neglected for so long? Dog breeds that have continuously-growing hair tend to suffer the worst consequences from years of neglect. Their hair … Read more

Child’s Act Of Kindness Inspires Others To Pay It Forward For Shelter Dogs

Most 4-year-olds look forward to spending their birthday and Christmas money on toys. Jaxton Betschart decided to use his to help 2 shelter dogs find loving homes. Elyse Betschart is Jaxton’s mom. Last weekend she brought him to the Charleston Animal Society (CAS) shelter where Jax chose 2 Pit Bull-type dogs to sponsor, paying their adoption fees with his own savings. The little boy was first drawn to a white and black pup named Penelope. He especially liked the black … Read more

More Shelters Are Removing Breed Labels So Adopters Can Choose With Their Hearts

There’s no such thing as second chances when it comes to first impressions. That’s why it’s vital for shelter dogs to put their best paw forward each time they meet a potential adopter. The latest research has proven that using breed labels hinders a dog’s ability to showcase her true self, and leaves an indelible black mark in the minds of prospective owners. Chloe is hoping for a Home for the Holidays. This girl is fantastic with people and has … Read more

NYC Ban On Puppy Mill Sales Upheld By Federal Court

It has been just over 2 years since the city of New York passed a law restricting pet stores to selling only dogs obtained from breeders licensed by the U.S. Department of Agriculture or from shelters/rescues. Yesterday the Second Circuit – one of the most important appellate courts in the country – upheld that ruling. BREAKING: Today, the USDA re-posted some of the animal welfare data that had been removed from their website on February… Posted by The Humane Society of the United … Read more

Uber Driver Delights His Passengers With Surprise Puppies

Uber driver Jonathan Guarano – or as he’s known on YouTube, Do GOOD Jonathan – believes in bringing people together through delightful surprises. His videos include rocking out with his passengers to the latest pop songs and surprising waitstaff with $100 tips. But his greatest video of all involves him driving around with adoptable puppies to the elation of his fares. Jonathan borrowed Peanut, a shaggy Shih Tzu mix who loves to give kisses and Mocha, a shy but snuggly … Read more

Shelter Pets Are Overcome With Joy When Gifted Recycled Beds

At the RSPCA in Victoria, Australia one pet’s trash is another pet’s treasure. Several area shelter locations have retail shops whose proceeds go straight to their cause of rescuing homeless dogs and cats. Recently they asked that shoppers purchasing new pet beds donate the old ones to the animals living at the shelter. More than 100 gently used beds were collected during the project, making the wait for forever homes a little more cozy for some very deserving kitties and … Read more

Pup Sleepovers Give Dogs A Break From Shelter Life & Help Them Get Adopted

Shelter dogs face a dilemma when it comes to finding the perfect adoptive family. Shelters can be noisy, hectic places, and sometimes it’s hard for adopters to see a pup’s true potential amidst the chaos. Taking this into account, the staff at LifeLine Animal Project in Atlanta came up with an idea to help some of their longtime residents get noticed – doggy sleepover parties! Their Dog For A Day program – which allows folks to get to know adoptable … Read more

Volunteer Takes Shelter Dogs For “Coffee Dates” To Help Them Find Forever Homes

It’s no secret that shelter life can be stressful for dogs. Often, they go from being in a home to a strange, noisy environment. In worse cases, they’ve been rescued from abusive situations and are still learning how to cope with the trauma. That’s why many loving shelter employees and volunteers go above and beyond to bring sunshine into these dogs’ lives as they wait to find their forever homes. What’s more, when the dogs are happy and relaxed (often, thanks to … Read more