Thanks to You, Harvey Went from Hungry to Happy

Everyone loves a happy ending and it’s out absolute privilege to bring you success stories that are a direct result of your purchases through iHeartDogs. Our partnership with GreaterGood means that your every item you buy on our site makes a difference. Today we get to introduce you to Harvey, who was a recipient of much needed food to fill his belly and return him to good health.

Harvey was found in the woods. He was only about six months old and all alone. He was timid, shy, and nervous. When good meaning people would attempt to come to his aid, he would run and hide. It seemed little Harvey had been on his own for quite some time and would need careful and patient attention to establish trust with human companions. 

He was skinny and in bad need of healthy food, weight gain, and positive human interaction. Thanks to the rescue group Best Buddy Pet Rescue and the high-quality pet food donations from Greater Good’s Rescue Bank, Harvey put on the weight he needed in no time. 

“’s Rescue Bank has been instrumental in allowing us to have the funds available for medical needs and to be able to help more dogs and cats.”

Best Buddy Pet Rescue

Photo Courtesy of Best Buddy Pet Rescue

Harvey is living with a foster family and doing very well! In fact, he is thriving! He has made fast friends with the other dogs at the foster home and he loves playing with them. They run laps racing around the yard.

When newly adopted dogs are hesitant and timid around people, it’s important to remember that they are behaving that way for a reason. In all likelihood, a pup who is afraid of new people has had some bad interactions with them. We will never know Harvey’s full story but he is a shining example of how new, loving, kind experiences with people can completely turn things around.

Photo Courtesy of Best Buddy Pet Rescue

It took some time and consistency, but Harvey is now over his initial shyness. Harvey now loves all people, especially children. He is gentle and loving and cuddly and kind. He especially likes lounging around on the couch with his favorite folks. He is a wonderful boy and will make a great family companion.

Photo Courtesy of Best Buddy Pet Rescue

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Featured Photo Courtesy of Best Buddy Pet Rescue

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