Uber Driver Delights His Passengers With Surprise Puppies

Uber driver Jonathan Guarano – or as he’s known on YouTube, Do GOOD Jonathan – believes in bringing people together through delightful surprises.

His videos include rocking out with his passengers to the latest pop songs and surprising waitstaff with $100 tips. But his greatest video of all involves him driving around with adoptable puppies to the elation of his fares.

Jonathan borrowed Peanut, a shaggy Shih Tzu mix who loves to give kisses and Mocha, a shy but snuggly Chihuahua mix from an LA animal shelter in order to create his masterpiece.

Aside from spreading some unexpected joy, Jonathan also hopes that the project and the video will promote rescue and help get some very deserving pups adopted.

He included the following link in his YouTube description in case his viewers were inspired to find their nearest shelter and bring home a Peanut or Mocha of their own! www.animalsheltering.org

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