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Dog Journeyed 11 Miles For 2 Days To Reunite With His Previous Foster Mom

In Texas, a white Shepherd named Hank traveled for 2 days, journeying 11 miles to return to his previous foster mom.

Hank, was a foster at Rachel Kauffman’s home for just six days. But even during his brief stay at Rachel’s home, Hank had bonded with her. He felt comfortable with Rachel, following her around, going to walks with her and her other dogs, and always staying by her side. Rachel was just fostering Hank since she already had two dogs. So after staying six days at Rachel’s home, Hank was taken to another foster home.

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However, Hank escaped his new foster home. He somehow figured out how to unlock the door and ran out. Rachel and other animal lovers were notified, photos of Hank were posted in social media, and they quickly searched the area to find Hank.

Two days later Hank was found in Rachel’s doorstep! Hank traveled from his new foster home at East Memphis’ Berclair to Rachel’s home on Cox in Cooper-Young–that’s around 11 miles!

Watch the short video below when Hank reunited with Rachel!

Awww…after journeying for two days, Hank was back at the place he calls home. He fell in love with Rachel, and he chose to be with her. What a sweet dog!

Credit: Mark Weber Source: The Commercial Appeal
Credit: Mark Weber / Source: The Commercial Appeal

They say you don’t pick the dog, the dog picks you. And in this case, Hank picked Rachel. And this also proves that a dog will appreciate, and will never forget the love and care you give to him!

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