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Dog Mom Makes Brilliant Cardboard Cutout Costumes For Her Patient Pup

Chihuahua-mamatero is a little dog with a big personality. He and his mom, Semba live in Saitama Prefecture, Japan and share a flare for the arts.

Semba designs elaborate cardboard cutouts for Chihuahua-mamatero and he brings them to life as her muse and model.


Image Source: Twitter/ Myouonnin


It began with Semba designing cute and inspirational messages to photograph Chihuahua-mamatero with for her Twitter followers, then she began to expand on her creativity with masks and costumes based on famous characters.

Image Source: Twitter/ Myouonnin


Semba draws most of her inspiration from Japanese playing cards, manga and anime/movie characters.

Image Source: Twitter/ Myouonnin


Chihuahua-mamatero’s fans and followers are amazed at Semba’s creativity and also her dog’s remarkable cooperation and patience!

Image Source: Twitter/ Myouonnin


No matter what the costume calls for, the little pup is always happy to help his mom realize her artistic visions.

Image Source: Twitter/ Myouonnin


In fact, Chihuahua-mamatero is so comfortable with his role as muse that he sometimes dozes off while in character!


Semba described Chihuahua-mamatero to Buzzfeed as “quiet and kind…rarely angry,” The perfect model.

Image Source: Twitter/ Myouonnin


Semba’s secret to getting him into character? She simply tells him to “go home” and he gladly pops his little face through mom’s latest creation.

Image Source: Twitter/ Myouonnin


As for which member of the imaginative duo deserves the most credit for their artistic endeavors, Semba says humbly:

“The main character is the non-moving dog, and my art skill is secondary,”

All Images via Twitter/Myouonnin

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Written by Dina Fantegrossi

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