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Woman ‘Drugged’ Sick Dog’s Food And Watched Her Hoping She’d Collapse

Written by: Dee Michaels
Dee Michaels is a passionate and accomplished writer, renowned for his heartwarming and engaging stories on more
| Published on November 25, 2023

On the streets, a woman discovered a stray dog that was severely injured on its own. She had no clue what to do. The animal was completely bald and undernourished. Nobody was able to approach her owing to her closeness. She fled time and again. The woman snapped a photo of the dog and dispatched an urgent request for help via Mission Paws’ible.


Image/Story Source Credit:  TheDodo – YouTube Video


This poor dog was running in terror from some sort of predator, likely a lion. She had been captured by the same man who had shot her mate for sport moments before; she still has no idea why. Prue, one of the rescue group’s volunteers, went to assist the frightened dog. Knowing that she needed to capture the animal for her to sedate it, Prue knew she needed to feed it medicine inside a dish of food. She then put the dish in a location where the dog would feel comfortable eating from it.


Image/Story Source Credit:  TheDodo – YouTube Video


The stray was found eating from the dish in a garage several hours later. When it was safe to approach, Prue was able to slip a leash around her neck and carry her into their vehicle. She was imprisoned in a cage. The dog was conscious but pleasant and quiet.


Image/Story Source Credit:  TheDodo – YouTube Video


When we got back to the rescue center, it was clear that this dog had suffered an awful experience. She was terrified of people and desperately sought for somewhere to hide. But no one would give up on her! No matter what. In order to cure her mange ailment and build trust in persons, she stayed at the clinic for three weeks.


Image/Story Source Credit:  TheDodo – YouTube Video


Prue spent a lot of effort over several years to get her trustful. She hand-fed her and kept her in her life as a constant but gentle presence. Prue also bought Belle numerous pairs of pajamas so she could stay warm since the dog was named Belle. However, despite Prue’s efforts, she says that Belle never trusted her. That connection that Prue longed for never came about.


Image/Story Source Credit:  TheDodo – YouTube Video


In the video below, Prue explains that she was extremely worried. She states that “this dog was unadoptable.” Belle, according to Prue, was broken due to no fault of her own. Kaho saw pictures of Belle on the internet and felt compelled to contact Prue. PrUE agreed to allow Kaho to foster Belle.


Image/Story Source Credit:  TheDodo – YouTube Video


The first few days were tough. Belle remained under Kaho’s bed and refused to come out. Kaho had assumed that a few days would suffice, but it became weeks long. Aside from going to the bathroom, Belle would not emerge from beneath the bed except to go Belle didn’t trust her surroundings or her foster mother enough to emerge from beneath the bed other than when going to the bathroom Prue was right. Maybe she was an “unadoptable, broken” dog after all.


Image/Story Source Credit:  TheDodo – YouTube Video


Kaho wouldn’t give up. She went over to Belle again. But, despite her kind and patient nature, Belle only growled at her. Kaho was crestfallen at her failure. Her heart was broken in her sorrow. She had no idea what to do next because she didn’t know what to expect from the situation. However, Belle’s story isn’t finished there! We have a lot of faith in our animal-loving hearts that there is no such thing as a helpless dog, so Kaho shared that belief with us as well. What happens next is incredible and cannot be missed! You may get a glimpse of Belle’s amazing change thanks to The Dodo and the video below it.


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