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Dog Was Dumped At Rescue Deaf And Unable To Walk, Now He’s Found A Forever Family

Written by: Stephanie Maguire
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| Published on August 5, 2022

Despite there being a tornado watch issued for the area, Razz’s previous owner still decided to dump him near the outdoor kennels at the Richland County Dog Shelter. 

The one-year-old Pittie mix was deaf, unable to walk, and left all alone. But now, the tides have turned, and not only can he walk, but he’s found a loving, forever family of his very own.


When Razz first arrived at the Richland County Dog Shelter in May, he was completely immobile, and no one understood why. The veterinary staff at Phillips Animal Hospital examined him and even consulted with other vets. Plus, he attended weekly laser and acupuncture appointments with Dr. Cheryl Becker at Mohican Veterinary Wellness Clinic. But the cause never became clear.

Not only was it a mystery why he couldn’t walk in the first place, but the reason for his improvement has remained unclear as well. While they have yet to pinpoint why exactly he couldn’t walk when he first arrived, they also weren’t sure why his condition was slowly improving. They weren’t sure whether it was the acupuncture appointments, the steroids he was on, the passing of time, or something else altogether. Yet his condition continued to improve.


It was while he was attending his weekly appointments at the acupuncture center that his new mom first met and fell in love with him. Bethany Higgins, Razz’s new mom, is a veterinary assistant there. Despite the fact that Razz was loved by everyone who met him, there was a special connection between the two.  

“I fell in love with him when I first met him, but so did everyone. We had a pretty special connection from the beginning, and everyone could see it. It got to a point where it was kind of hard to deny it,” shared Bethany.

The same thing was felt between Razz and his new human sister, six-year-old Amelia (Bethany’s daughter). They met at Mohican’s open house at the end of May, and they too had an instant connection.

Razz new family

Now that Razz has left the shelter, his condition continues to improve. Not only has he been getting around easier, but he has gained a healthy amount of weight, and his muscles that had atrophied from lack of use are filling in, and toning up nicely. 

Since Razz is special needs, it makes perfect sense for him to wind up with a vet tech who has an invested interest in deaf dogs. Bethany shared that she’s always wanted a deaf dog and that in college, she even studied interpreting and wrote a paper on the use of sign language with dogs. She has already successfully taught Razz some signs. 

Razz and new sibling

Once unwanted and heartlessly cast aside, sweet Razz has now found such a perfect, love-filled life. If you want to continue to be inspired by this beautiful pup, you can keep up with Razz via his Facebook page

Featured Images: Facebook

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