Dog With Half A Face Survives To Find A Life Where She’s Loved


It’s a miracle that 2-year-old Teresa is alive.

The pup was rescued from Thailand, where a man attempted to behead her for her meat, but failed. While Teresa escaped with her life, her snout and part of her jaw were sliced off by the machete.

When New Jersey natives Karen Quigley and friend Michelle Weirich heard Teresa’s story, they knew this survivor deserved a second chance. She took to social media, and with the help of Facebook and GoFundMe, was able to raise $11,000 to get Teresa flown to the USA and have reparative surgery.

Watch a news clip on Teresa’s story:

Here’s another short clip on this sweet girl:

This dog is truly the definition of optimism and resilience. The fact that she can eat and breathe with ease is amazing, and her ability to love after what she’s been through is absolutely incredible. We know that Teresa will be loved by Karen Quigley for the rest of her life!

(h/t: ABC11)

Written by Karen Tietjen

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