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Dog With Quirky Smile Needs A Home

Do you have a place in your home for a dog with a “quirk”?

Meet Zipper, an adoptable dog with the quirkiest smile you’ve ever seen! This cutie is available for adoption at Huntsville Animal Services in Alabama.

She’s 7-8 years old and has a weird jaw – but it doesn’t prevent her from eating, enjoying treats, or loving life!

Image source: Huntsville Animal Services via Facebook

Like other dogs who are “different,” Zipper doesn’t seem to notice her abnormality! Just like any other good dog, she is house trained, good with other dogs, and seems to be good with children. To learn more about Zipper, check out Huntsville Animal Services on Facebook or their website or call them at (256) 883-3783.

Image source: Huntsville Animal Services via Facebook

Hopefully, this unique pup will find the place where she belongs soon! Zipper’s unusual appearance may make finding the right home difficult – but that just means that the lucky, loving family who takes her in has to be extra-special! Loving, and being loved by a quirky dog comes with a lot of rewards, and Zipper will bring a lot of love and cuddles to the home that takes her in! Could that home be yours?


(H/T: Huntsville Animal Services)

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Written by Jennifer Nelson
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