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Shiba Inu Famed For ‘Doge’ Meme Stricken With Liver Disease And Leukemia

Written by: Kelli Brinegar
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| Published on January 4, 2023

Kabosu, the Shiba Inu who inspired the Doge meme and the Dogecoin cryptocurrency design, has been diagnosed with cancer and liver disease. Kabosu’s mom, Atsuko Sato, shared news of the diagnosis on social media after the famous dog recently suffered a blow to her health.

And though Kabosu’s condition was rough for a few days, antibiotics and stellar care have helped the sweet Shiba get back on her paws in time for the New Year.

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Looking at a picture of Kabosu, you’re sure to recognize her from the wildly popular Doge memes that began after her mom shared the photo, now seen worldwide on social media, in 2010. By 2013, Kabosu’s iconic face had become so well-known she inspired the cryptocurrency Dogecoin. And because Kabosu has stolen the hearts of so many, the sassy Shiba received an outpouring of love and support to help her through a bout of scary symptoms.

Not Feeling So Good

On Christmas Day, Atsuko took to social media, writing that the seventeen-year-old dog star wasn’t feeling well and refusing food and water. She’d vomited and couldn’t get up to go outside without help. Worried for her best friend, Atsuko took Kabosu to the hospital, where the gravity of her illness was apparent.

“Kabosu’s disease names are acute cholangiohepatitis and chronic lymphoma leukemia,” Atsuko revealed. “Right now, the liver level is very bad and jaundice appears.


Said simply, cholangiohepatitis is an inflammation of the liver, bile ducts, and gallbladder. It generally responds well to antibiotic treatment. As for her leukemia diagnosis, Kabosu can still live years with this cancer of the blood and even enjoy good health and fun times.

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On The Mend

Even though she was so sick, Kabosu wouldn’t be counted out, and Atsuko knew it too, sharing, “This is not the end. I’m sure she’ll show us another miracle that gives hope to everyone.”

And indeed, she did.


Thanks to antibiotics and diligent nursing from her family and three kitty siblings, Kabosu was soon eating again and going out to potty. Every day since seeing the vet, she has been regaining her strength and dynamic personality.


And Kabosu and her mom are thankful for all the love and well wishes:

“Kabosu is getting better day by day! Thank you for all the love.”


Keep up with Kabosu on Instagram and Twitter to follow her condition.

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