Worried Dad Sees His Missing Dog Running Toward Him, But The Dog Is Not Alone

The Kriers live in Concordia, Kansas with their goofy and affectionate Black Labrador Bo. Normally an adventurous dog who often sneaks out for little neighborhood excursions, one day he went completely missing– leaving his family in a panic.


Image (screenshot)/Story Video Source: Kyle KrierYouTube Video


In Kyle Krier’s frantic search for his beloved dog Bo, he finally received a call tip about a possible sighting of Bo 6 miles from their home. When he got to the field and found Bo, he was overjoyed.


But then he realized that Bo had made some new friends who he didn’t want to leave behind!


Image (screenshot)/Story Video Source: Kyle KrierYouTube Video


In this “reunion” video, we see Kyle recording Bo’s return. As Bo approaches him, Kyle sees two more animals following behind him. When the trio reaches the truck, Bo tells his friends to get in and asks Kyle to bring them home!


Image (screenshot)/Story Video Source: Kyle KrierYouTube Video


Having no other option, Kyle drove the other dog and the goat back to the city. He soon discovered that Bo’s new friends are called Libby and Ozzy, and they actually belong to one of his neighbors! Looks like Bo had planned an elaborate adventure with his new furry friends, and their owners had no clue about it!


Click the video below to watch Bo, Libby, and Ozzy’s hilarious escapade to the outskirts of the city!


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