Dogs All Over The World Are Mastering The Disapproving Glare

Usually, it’s the adults in the family who are often disappointed in the younger family members. But now, dogs want to be in control. Every day, more and more dogs are learning how to give their humans a look of disapproval. After all, they’re sick of their parents not giving them table scraps or giving their human kids more attention.

For years, humans have shown frequent disapproval when their dogs misbehave, but now it’s time for dogs to get back at them. In fact, so many dogs have mastered disapproving glares that #DisapprovingDogChallenge is now trending on Facebook. Here are some of the best photos.

#1 – Benz the Chihuahua is looking awfully judgmental for no good reason.

Judgy Chihuahua
Image: Shelbi Todaro Facebook

#2 – Ash can’t stand when his human pretends to throw the ball.

Skeptical dog
Image: Courtney Conklin Facebook

#3 – Duke is sick of putting up with his parents on a daily basis.

Disapproving dog
Image: Kayla Robinson Facebook

#4 – People seem to get on Hope’s nerves every day.

Angry little dog
Image: Sarah Mead Facebook

#5 – Loki is not excited about his new human sibling.

Unhappy Rottweiler
Image: Bayli Bracey Facebook

#6 – Bonito is always quick to judge.

Disapproving chihuahua
Image: Rama Lama Facebook

#7 – Goose the English Bulldog looks like he just wants some space.

Disapproving Bulldog
Image: Erin Hoffman Leidlein Facebook

#8 – Pigeon doesn’t like being told what to do.

Pigeon the dog
Image: Ruby Jean Facebook

#9 – Blueberry cannot believe his humans are so lazy.

Weimaraner disapproval
Image: Jessie E Jauregue Facebook

#10 – Lola is not happy to be outside in the freezing snow. 

Cold Chihuahua
Image: Katie Wartell Facebook

#11 – Summer isn’t thrilled about how 2020 is going. 

Dog wearing shirt
Image: Chastiti Hill Facebook

#12 – Tucker wants to know why the kids keep waking him up so early.

Tired German Shorthair Pointer
Image: Elizabeth Horton Facebook

#13 – Poor Ariel was forced to wear a sweater before going outside.

angry dog wearing sweater
Image: Dee Jeanine Facebook

#14 – Beans isn’t excited for training today.

Disapproving French Bulldog
Image: Samara Castro Facebook

#15 – This little Pug is sick of getting so many kisses.

Annoyed Pug
Image: Victoria Hennessy Facebook

#16 – Finally, this French Bulldog seems to think it’s too early for Christmas.

Christmas French Bulldog
Image: @QuickTurtles/Facebook

It’s true that dogs are learning how to give disapproving glares, but that doesn’t mean they don’t love us. If anything, it just means that they love you so much that they want to make silly facial expressions just like you. They want to have a better way of letting us know that they’re not happy with our actions. Although these puppy faces are certainly more adorable than intimidating!

Featured Image: Rama Lama Facebook and @QuickTurtles/Facebook

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