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Dogs are Going Crazy Over This Funny Looking Safer Tennis Ball Substitute

If you have a dog you know how much they love to play. What’s more is you know just how important physical activity and brain-stimulating play are for your pup. We love our dogs so we try to play with and exercise them as much as possible. Tennis balls seem to be the go-to for getting our dogs to run around, usually for a game of fetch – or something close to it.

safer tennis ball substituteThe tennis ball seems perfect for a pup, yet, how many times have you found your dog with neon green fuzz in his mouth or worse an exploded green-grey-rubbery-fluffy chewed up mess where once there had been a perfectly intact, game-ready ball. Unfortunately, tennis balls are not typically made for dog-destruction, especially since they often contain synthetic materials.

In addition, unless your dog is fetch-obsessed, a tennis ball can be pretty boring. When tossed, it goes in a straight, predictable line. What if you could exercise your pup and engage his brain in a totally unique way?

The PAWtomic™ Ball is the perfect safer tennis ball substitute that excites and actually stimulates your dog’s mind. Unlike tennis balls, this crazy bouncing ball doesn’t have any of the green fuzzy felt, which can be bad for your pup’s teeth and dangerous if ingested. The PAWtomic™ Ball, made out of 100% natural rubber, features different sized bumps that make it bounce all over the place.

The erratic bouncing will thrill your dog and get him to chase it around excitedly. The ball is so fun that you may catch your pup engaging in self-play, even tossing it into the air to see where it goes next.

Because every dog matters to us here at iHeartDogs we donate a toy to a shelter dog in need for every ball purchased, as part of our Project Play program. Studies show that a dog at play is more likely to get adopted. We know that the welfare of shelter animals matters to you, too!

So while watching your pup gleefully playing with the PAWtomic™ Ball, you can take heart knowing that because of your purchase there’s a shelter dog out there playing as well and possibly catching his future family members’ eyes, making them smile.

Learn more about the PAWtomic™ Ball here.

Featured image source: certified su via Flickr

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Written by Sarah Le

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