Pup With No Back Feet Blossoms, Motivates Others To Keep Living

Written by: Julie Hunt
| Published on May 1, 2023

Kathryn with The Bottle Brigade takes in young, sick puppies who desperately need her help. She wholeheartedly cares for them around the clock. One tiny sick puppy, a Great Dane named Etta, was knocking at death’s door. Thankfully, Kathryn took her in, determined to save her life.


Etta didn’t have back feet, and her front paws were turning black due to lack of circulation. Kathryn raced her to the emergency vet for treatment. Amazingly, within a few days, Etta made quite the turnaround. She even got up to walk, proving her missing back paws didn’t stand in her way. Kathryn was elated!


Once Etta felt better, there was no stopping her! Sure, she was a bit wobbly and sometimes fell on her back, but as long as her back legs were padded, she behaved like any other pup. Etta grew up quickly, and her size was quite impressive! Now it was time for Kathryn to find her forever family. But there was a bit of a hiccup.


The Great Dane, understandably attached to Kathryn, had much to say about leaving. As she got older, she soon proved, by caring for the other sick puppies that came to The Bottle Brigade, that she belonged with Kathryn all along. Just wait until you see how the full story plays out!

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