Free-Spirited Stray Dog Gets His Own Statue

Zorik isn’t your typical dog. He doesn’t want humans to pet him, cuddle him, or even be near him. So, for many years, he spent his life as a stray in Estonia. To many, it might sound like a lonely life, but he was anything but alone. He befriended other stray dogs and cats, and most importantly, he won the hearts of many people in the area. Soon, everyone knew him by name, so they came together to keep him well-fed and happy. Zorik never desired a loving home and would run away when anyone tried to catch him, but that didn’t stop humans from adoring him. In fact, they loved him so much that they thought he deserved his own statue!

Zorik Statue
Image: @TheWeatherChannel/Facebook

One Stray Pup’s Impact

To some, Zorik was a pest that they wanted gone. But to most, he was a hero. Humans adored his beautiful black and white coat, and they were eager to keep up with his daily adventures. People first saw Zorik when he was just a puppy in a coal storage area. He quickly adjusted to life as a stray, and his fans have been seeing him and feeding him for nearly 12 years now!

Despite living as a stray, Zorik was never truly alone. He first traveled with a canine companion, who sadly died in a car accident. Then, he spent his days with a group of stray cats, and he would even sleep curled up beside them.

Image: @TheWeatherChannel/Facebook

In Zorik’s neighborhood, there was a significant divide between the Estonians and Russians who lived there. But they all found common ground when Zorik appeared. They happily set aside their differences to care for the dog they all loved so much. One group of people even opened a cafe named after him. He might not know it, but he touched many lives and helped bring people together.

While Zorik preferred his life of solitude, there came a time when he needed a family. As the poor pup got older, it became harder for him to survive on his own. He would fall asleep in the middle of the road, not knowing where he was. Viktoria Ger was able to catch Zorik and give him a loving home for his own safety.

Zorik outside
Image: @Zorikkoerkalamajas/Facebook

Zorik’s New Life

Now, Zorik spends his days in an enclosure with a doghouse at Ger’s home. At first, he was very hesitant about it and would try to escape. Ger says he’s a peculiar dog, but she knows having him with her is what’s best for him. She will do her best to make sure he stays happy and safe during the remainder of his life.

“He doesn’t want to be close to people so he doesn’t like to be petted,” said Ger. “Probably he has been hurt by people during his life, so he doesn’t trust people.”

Zorik sitting down
Image: @Zorikkoerkalamajas/Facebook

Ger did the right thing, but many humans were still heartbroken. They missed having Zorik around, so they knew they had to do something to honor him. That’s when they decided to create a statue for him. Many people donated to the monument, and a local artist helped it come to life. That artist seems to have perfectly captured Zorik’s unique and adorable personality. They even sculpted a cat cuddled up beneath him.

This statue is not only a tribute to Zorik, but also to the many other stray animals out there. The pup’s life was far from ideal, but at least it was filled with love and support. If only Zorik knew how much he meant to the humans he met.

Dogs admiring Zorik statue
Image: @TheWeatherChannel/Facebook

Featured Image: @TheWeatherChannel/Facebook

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