Friendly Pit Bulls Help Themselves To Tour Of Local Hospital

Written by: Scott H
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| Published on March 8, 2020

A couple of Pit Bulls went on the run. While the dynamic duo was frolicking in their freedom, they decided to stop by the local hospital to take a little tour. Much to the surprise of the staff at St. Luke’s in Pennsylvania, these two Pit Bulls walked in like they owned the place!

A Day Of Fun On The Run

Emma and Nero somehow escaped their home. It’s unclear how far the two walked before finding the hospital. The only thing for certain is that they looked very happy to be there! The adventure-seeking pair strolled right into the hospital lobby via the automatic doors. A couple of bewildered staff members looked at them like they had seen a ghost!


Now, a lot of crazy things come through the doors of a hospital but this one was extra unique. The pups wasted no time. They headed straight for the pharmacy, almost as if they sniffed it out. Once they made it through the pharmacy door, Emma and Nero took off down the hall. A confused pharmacist was even caught on camera. She could hear the footsteps but didn’t see anyone there!


Eventually, they were spotted and staff members came to offer them water. After all, so much adventure and excitement are sure to make a dog thirsty! Makeshift leashes were tied around them. The couple was escorted out of the hospital by what looks like police and security officers.

Caught But Not Remorseful

Luckily, the hospital had a great sense of humor about it all! They posted this message on their Facebook page along with the security footage:

“St. Luke’s Anderson Campus is considered one of the most patient-friendly and patient accessible hospitals in the region. And pet-friendly? We had unexpected visitors at the Anderson Campus last week! Two dogs strolled into HomeStar Pharmacy in Anderson’s Medical Office Building. Imagine our Pharmacists surprise when she noticed who was waiting to be helped! We are happy to report we were able to safely transport the dogs out of the hospital! The dogs enjoyed the accessibility and welcoming employees at St. Luke’s Anderson campus!”


They were loaded into the back of a patrol car but they were all smiles! It was clear they had no regrets. Not only did they get to explore a big, new building, but they got all kinds of scratches from confused staff. Plus, they even got a car ride! Emma and Nero were taken to the shelter where they were eventually reunited with their mom.

Featured Photo: @SLHHN/Facebook

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