Giant Dog Casually Shops At Dollar General Alone, Then Refuses To Leave

Bentley is a 135-pound dog, so he stands out no matter where he is. But he doesn’t let that stop him from going on adventures as he pleases. One day, the massive mixed breed escaped his Florida home and wandered over to Dollar General to see what sales they had. He browsed the store for hours, and when it was time to leave, he refused to budge.

The Dollar General staff didn’t want to force their four-legged customer out of the store, but they also didn’t want him roaming the streets alone. So, they asked the police for help, which led to the cutest body camera footage.

Dog behind dollar general counter

An Unusual Customer

The giant canine managed to break a gate at his house and take himself for a walk. He decided to go to a Dollar General that was a few blocks away. He walked in through the automatic doors and began browsing the shelves on his own.

Since he wasn’t bothering anyone or trying to steal anything, the staff let him roam around to see if his humans would come to find him. After a few hours, Bentley was still in the store, but it was closing time. He refused to accept that all customers needed to exit the business, and he didn’t have a ride home.

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Dog wandering around dollar general

So, the workers were left with no choice but to call the cops on the customer who was refusing to cooperate. When the Bradenton Police arrived, one of the officers had a body cam on to record the unusual predicament. Right away, the staff showed them the dog in the back room of the store. Luckily, Bentley is very friendly, but he was having such a good time that he didn’t want to leave!

The police officers spent a while trying to figure out what to do. After walking around the store with the dog for a while, they put a leash on him and guided him out the front doors.

Finally Closing Time

Luckily, Bentley was able to walk away from that night without any trouble. His humans showed up shortly after the police officers brought him outside. Bentley’s dad had been worried sick about the pup, so he’s grateful that the Dollar General staff and the police officers took such great care of him.

Officers with dog at Dollar General

Bentley didn’t mean to run away from home. He just wanted to see if Dollar General sold his favorite toys and treats. Then, he ended up getting too comfortable at the store. Since he has such a sweet face, no one can stay mad at him for holding up closing time.

Now, Bentley is back home with a great story to tell. According to police officers, he has a microchip, so if he ever tries to sneak away again, he’ll hopefully find his way home even if he doesn’t end up at his favorite store.

Watch the Body Camera Footage Here:

Featured Image: Facebook

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