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Good Boy Finds His Family After He Makes His Bed

| Published on June 23, 2022

Move aside Linus, there’s a new famous boy and his blanket! His name is Rush, and he used to reside at SICSA Pet Adoption and Wellness Center in Dayton, Ohio. (I forgot to mention: this boy happens to be a dog.) That’s where a volunteer captured an adorably sweet video of him circling his kennel with a blanket in his mouth back in 2015.

Rush, the video title points out, really looks like he’s making his bed. He even wags his tail while he does his chores. Of course, the task becomes impossible for Rush, who doesn’t want to let the blanket out of his mouth.

SICSA Pet Adoption and Wellness Center via YouTube

Who could ever ask for a more perfectly behaved fur child? It’s hard to believe he found himself without a home for so long.


Fortunately, the video took off online and went viral. That was the first step to getting Rush noticed!

Rush’s New Family

Angie and Ronnie Wallace love dogs, but sadly lost theirs due to a degenerative disease. The video of Rush and his blank went viral at this vulnerable time in their lives. Angie thought she wasn’t ready for a new dog yet, but they both fell in love with him, Ronnie told Dayton 24/7 Now.

“I wanted him as soon as we got there. We walked in and saw him in the cage and the eyes just got me.”

Going viral usually does wonders for a dog’s adoption chances. This, fortunately, was one of those instances. Rush found his forever family in the Wallaces! They said they were surprised someone hadn’t already snatched him up before they got there.


Hopefully Rush has plenty of blankets to choose from these days. The volunteers at SICSA are both overjoyed for him and sad to lose him.


“The photo is of Rush and the SICSA volunteer, Leah, who filmed the viral video of him making his bed! Volunteers rock!” -SICSA via Facebook

To answer everyone’s question: Angie said Rush still drags a blanket around, but he sleeps in bed with them now.

“He will drag around a blanket but he slept in our bed the first two days.”

She also emphasized that it’s not the Wallaces who are famous now. It was only ever Rush himself who hit celebrity status.

“We have family members in New York, Florida, my parents, just everybody keeps saying ‘Oh my gosh you guys are celebrities!’ And I’m like no Rush is, we’re not but Rush is.”

Good manners pay off, kids!

H/T: Dayton247now
Featured Image: @sicsapets/Facebook

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