Grieving Pit Bull Finds Happiness In Rescue Kitten

Sometimes, all you need is a good friend to get you through difficult times. But best friends aren’t always the ones we expect.

When a Pit Bull named Dude was grieving the loss of his Pit Bull sister Harley Jane, his mom knew he needed a new best friend. Unfortunately, they weren’t in a place to adopt another dog just yet. So, Julie Burroughs decided that a more unique companion might be the answer to Dude’s loneliness. When she met Ace the rescue kitten, she knew it was the start of a beautiful friendship.

Pit Bull and his mom
Image: @agoldphotos/Facebook

The Heartbreak of Saying Goodbye

In 2015, Burroughs adopted Dude from a Caribbean Island when he was a puppy with parvovirus. He quickly bonded with his new mom and his new canine sister. Dude and Harley Jane stuck by their mom through the many ups and downs in life, including a divorce. The two Pit Bulls were incredibly sweet and inseparable from each other. So, when Harley Jane passed away, it was very hard on Dude.

Soon, Dude slipped into a funk. He wasn’t the same happy dog he was before, so Burroughs grew worried. But Burroughs was extra busy with work, so she didn’t think it was time for her to adopt another dog just yet.

Pit Bull and Kitten
Image: @agoldphotos/Facebook

“I felt really bad for Dude because he was really sad and very mopey,” Burroughs said. “I even tried pheromone collars but I just knew he needed a friend.”

So, after further consideration, Burroughs decided that a different animal might be a better fit for the family. She began searching for a kitten to keep Dude company, and when she spotted Ace, it was like love at first sight.

Pit Bull, Kitten, and Mom
Image: @agoldphotos/Facebook

Unlikely Besties

Ace is a tabby kitten that a firefighter rescued at a young age. Right away, Burroughs knew he was “the one,” which is why she adopted him. At first, getting Dude and Ace used to each other was tricky, but they soon developed an unbreakable bond.

The silly kitten quickly learned his place in the house: he was in charge! He got into lots of trouble at first, and he often encouraged Dude to participate. Ace would knock items off the counter and Dude would chew on them. They are the perfect partners in crime.

Dog and cat licking lips
Image: @agoldphotos/Facebook

But the two of them together isn’t always trouble. Ace has already brought plenty of happiness and fulfillment to Dude’s life too. The two unlikely pals play, wrestle, and nap together. They might look like opposites, but to them, they could be twins. Ace has helped get Dude out of his funk and live life to the fullest once again.

Burroughs also hopes that Ace and Dude’s story will help show people how sweet Pit Bulls can be. All dogs can be kind, loving companions, so it’s important that the world sees them that way.

Dog and cat best friends
Image: @agoldphotos/Facebook

“Harley Jane was my first pit bull and she was the sweetest dog, and I think Dude is even sweeter. He’s such a lover,” said Burroughs. “I’ve always said that our pets find us; we don’t find them. I think that really has held true (for me), especially with these two.”

Ace might not be the best friend that Dude saw coming, but he truly changed his life for the better. Those who think dogs and cats can’t get along have clearly never seen the adorable bond these two share!

Featured Image: @agoldphotos/Facebook

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