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Woman Opens Door To Hoarder House, Unveils Discarded Dog Among The Trash

Written by: Julie Hunt
Julie Hunt is an avid dog lover and writer for, and has a background as a veterinary technician. She rescued a beautiful former bait dog named Rory.Read more
| Published on January 15, 2024

A heartwarming tale of two dogs abandoned in a house for three weeks has recently surfaced, and it is the perfect example of how love and compassion can truly change lives. Rescuer Sarah discovered the horrifying conditions these dogs were living in and set out on a mission to give them a fresh start. Upon arriving at the house, Sarah was met with a scene that resembled a horror film. The smell alone was enough to make her stomach turn. The German Shepherd, Hattie, had been locked inside the house for three weeks with no food, water, or human interaction. It was clear that she was in desperate need of help.


As Sarah approached the frightened dog, she spoke softly and reassuringly, promising her that she would help the pup start anew. When animal control arrived, they took Hattie to a safe place where she could be cared for until a proper home was found.

The local community was shocked by Hattie’s story, and soon after, a neighbor posted an update on their neighborhood forum. This post caught the attention of a couple who found and rescued Phoenix, the other dog from the abandoned house. Sarah had no idea that another dog lived there and was left behind in the yard. Phoenix was in worse condition than Hattie! The couple cared for her, fed her, and handed her over to Sarah, so she, too, could find a foster home.


Both Hattie and Phoenix had sweet personalities despite their traumatic experiences. Hattie was soon adopted, while Phoenix was placed in foster care to continue her healing process. Sarah was committed to ensuring that these dogs would never have to endure such horrible conditions again.

To celebrate the new beginnings of Hattie and Phoenix, a holiday party was thrown in their honor. This festive gathering also served as a reunion for the two pups, who had been through so much together. Sarah and the dogs’ foster parents doubted that they had ever experienced the joy of receiving holiday gifts before. The pups certainly enjoyed their special day.


As Hattie and Phoenix played and explored their new surroundings, it was clear that this event marked a turning point in their lives. Hattie is now off to her new beginning, while Phoenix continues to be cared for by her foster family until she finds her forever home.

We are so grateful for this rescue! Watch the video below to witness it for yourself. Thank you, Sarah! These pups are living their best lives thanks to you and their wonderful human friends.

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