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Have you seen these on Cars? One company is giving them away FREE and starting a movement

Have you seen these magnets on cars around town? If so, you’re not alone!

Back in February, iHeartDogs decided to give these magnets away free. Little did they know what a movement is would create! In the last 6 months, they’ve given away over 10,000 magnets, and are receiving over 200 requests a day. Occasionally, they run out for a few days while they wait for more to be made.



How can I get a magnet and are they really free?

You can request your magnet here. You will only pay $4.99 shipping and handling, but here’s the awesome part. The S&H also includes a donation that provides food for shelter animals through and RescueBank!

Join the Movement!

Request your magnet here.

Request your magnet here.

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Written by Justin Palmer
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