Help Us Fly Tiny To The Forever Family Of Her Dreams!

Louisiana animal shelters are struggling more than ever due to the current pandemic. Shelters are experiencing overcrowding and strains in funding, which directly impacts the furry friends within their walls.

Dogs in kill shelters are facing a terrifying reality due to lack of space, meaning so many deserving furry friends may never meet the family of their dreams. Thanks to dog lovers like you, some of these pups are getting their second chance!

tiny flight

On December 31st, 2020, iHeartDogs will rescue up to 100 homeless animals in Louisiana by sponsoring the New Beginning Rescue Flight. The flight will bring these dogs to an area of Michigan where adoption rates are higher, and shelters have more open space.

Among this flight of lucky pups is an adorable mix named Tiny. Tiny was abandoned on a dead-end road on a cold winter day, leaving her without a family for the holidays.


With nowhere to go and the frigid temperatures upon her, Tiny searched for an escape from her harsh reality. Thankfully, she was found and brought into her local animal shelter.

Tiny’s past may be dark, but she is ready to put it all behind her and find the forever family she deserves. This flight gives Tiny a chance at a beautiful future, one she may not have had otherwise.

tiny flight

Chances of adoption at these locations are much higher, giving these dogs the second chance they so desperately need. These lucky pups will find their forever homes in no time thanks to this flight.

The nonprofit organization Wings of Rescue will transport dogs like Tiny to safety with the support of the Second Chance Movement program from iHeartDogs! The holidays will be much brighter for every pup on board, as they will soon have a family to call their own!

tiny flight

iHeartDogs’ Second Chance Movement Collection helps fund flights like this one. When those products are sold, “miles” are donated to Greater Good Charities. These miles are then used to transport at-risk dogs to areas where they’re sure to have a happily ever after

Shop & Transport At Risk Pets To Safety!

When you purchase any of the following items, you provide rescue transport miles. These miles help rescue groups save pets like Tiny from overcrowded shelters, taking them on a trip by road and by air to areas with low shelter populations, where loving families are waiting to adopt them. Learn more about our Second Chance Movement™ program.  

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