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Heroic Barking Dog Leads Passing Biker To Abandoned Newborn

| Published on February 1, 2021

The “Lassie” story of a dog saving someone by alerting another person sounds sensational, but this really does happen. Dogs can sense when someone is injured, either through smell, sound, or human facial cues. They also know that barking gets people’s attention.

In Sibonga, southern Cebu, an intuitive dog saved the life of an abandoned baby by seeking out help. Around 11 a.m. on Christmas Eve, 2020, Junrell Fuentes Revilla was driving his motorcycle near a dumpsite when the dog followed him, barking. Curious about the pup’s behavior, Revilla followed him.


The dog led Revilla to the site, where he was shocked to find an abandoned newborn baby wrapped in a towel. Police Master Sergeant Venus Tampos of the Sibonga Police Women and Children Protection Desk told The Freeman the baby must have just been born. His umbilical cord was still hanging from his navel when the dog led Reville to him. For this tiny baby, every second counted.


Thankfully the little dog was determined to find help, and Revilla knew to listen. The baby ended up under the care of the Municipal Social Welfare and Development Office. Authorities urged the abandoning mother to come forward and anyone with information to reach out.


In the meantime, local animal rescues took an interest in the sweet dog, hoping to find him a home.

Rewarding A Hero And His Family

Thankfully, the little hero dog isn’t actually a stray, as authorities suspected. His name is Blacky, and his family feeds and looks after 10 dogs. Kuya Lyndon, who cares for Blacky said:

“No matter how hard life is, even though I’m poor, I feed all of my dogs and take care of them well.”


In recognition of Blacky’s good deed, animal welfare group Pawssion Project offered to raise money and donate pet supplies to his family. Hope For Strays shared on Facebook:

“@pawssionproject is already doing a fundraising, and we will be bringing groceries, food & pet supplies for this amazing and humble family to repay the good deed their hero dog has done.”

Eventually, the group brought the groceries, pet supplies, and extra money to Blacky’s family. They wanted to give back to the people who taught this sweet little dog so well.

“Thank you so much for making us an instrument to reward such a very good boy! It is an honor meeting this angel.”


Good boy Blacky! This dog deserves a TV show of his own.

Featured Image: @thefreemannews/Facebook

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