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Heroic Pit Bull Saves Woman from Vicious Stabbing, Finds Forever Home

Written by: Samantha H
| Published on July 12, 2019

Dogs protect their handlers in warzones and in law enforcement. Pups are known to stand up for their human family in the face of a threat. But what about a dog that has no connection to a human? One homeless Pit Bull didn’t need an emotional attachment to save someone. When he saw a woman under attack, he rescued her. Unfortunately, he paid the price.

Warning: graphic images ahead.

Hero the Pit Bull
​Source: Fighting for the Bullys Facebook

A True Hero

A stray Pit Bull lived in of Baldwin, Georgia. One day he came across a man attempting to hurt a woman with a knife. The dog did not waste any time. He lept between the couple and saved the woman.

But the man continued with his fury. He stabbed the dog five times.

When police officers Sgt. Timothy Clay and Officer Daniel Seeley arrived, they found the dog laying on the ground, bleeding out.

“I don’t think we could have let that dog suffer and die,” Sgt. Clay told WATE. “We felt like we needed to get that dog some help after what it had been through.”

The officers found a veterinarian willing to treat the dog, even though her clinic had already closed. The doctor rushed the dog into surgery. And he survived.


Hero Finds a Home

A few days later, the dog dubbed Hero was stable. Carla Welch of Fighting for the Bullys came to collect the brave pup. She drove him 190 miles back to her rescue in Tennesse.

After Carla shared Hero’s story on her social media pages, people started requesting to adopt him. They held an event welcoming the public to meet Hero and their other Pit Bulls.

Sarah and David Simpson saw Hero at the rescue group’s adoption event. They already had two dogs and wanted to bring Hero home with them.

“I’m really excited to be able to give someone who never had a home, a home. And I say someone because dogs to me are more than just dogs, they’re people, they’re family,” Sarah told WBIR.

Even though they were happy he found his family, the folks at Fighting for the Bullys were sad to see Hero go.

“We’ve bonded already and I tried not to but this boy you can’t help it. He’s very amazing. He’s taken everything in stride,” Carla said.

There is no pup more deserving a forever home than this heroic Pit Bull. Cheers Hero! We wish you a wonderful life with your new family and dog siblings.

Featured image c/o Kelly Reinke Twitter

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