Homeless dog was hurting all over and he couldn’t communicate his pain to people


Benji was immediately taken to the shelter where the caretakers proceeded to shave off a lifetime’s worth of neglected fur. They were horrified to find countless tiny pests eating away at Benji’s skin at many places. It must have been a nightmare for him to endure the flea-infestation for so many years.


Source (Screenshot) credit: Hope For Paws -YouTube Video


Benji later received his first bath and the caretakers washed away all the pests from his body. However, Benji was unusually quiet even after the rescue. It was almost as if his soul had “shut down” from his traumatizing life on the streets.


Source (Screenshot) credit: Hope For Paws -YouTube Video

That’s when Benji’s foster mom and his foster siblings jumped in. With baby steps, the scarred dog learned to love his foster family, and even grew protective of his doggie siblings! What a transformation! We hope Benji finds a perfect forever home that understands his nature and loyalty!

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