Horse And Dog Decide It’s Playtime!

Step aside, humans. There’s a new best friend in town for dogs… horses. It might sound a little strange, but there’s video evidence to prove it. One Southern dog and horse have formed an unlikely friendship.

Source: countrynow1 YouTube

Best buds

This unusual pair met and formed a bond on their mother’s farm in East Texas. Lucy is a 2-year-old Portuguese Water Dog mix and Whiskey Brown is a 4-year-old quarter horse stallion. They play together in the farm’s rolling pastures.

In the video below, Lucy and Whiskey share a blue ball. They race through the grass. They wrestle on the ground and sniff one another. The play is all in fun. Neither Lucy nor Whiskey Brown become aggressive. They understand to be gentle with one another.

According to their mom, Whiskey Brown loves all of the farm animals. She jokes that he considers them his little “pets”. He acts like he has to take care of them!

In the video, the pair ignores everything around them because they are focused on their play. They chase and roll together on the ground. One of our favorite parts is when Whiskey Brown gives Lucy delicate kisses. It looks like the horse is ensuring that little Lucy stays safe.

Watch the beautiful bond between these two in the video below. Look at that tail wag!

H/T: I Love My Dog So Much
Feature Image: countrynow1 YouTube

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