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How Can I Find The Best Groomer For My Dog?

| Published on November 19, 2016

Do you worry that your dog hates grooming? Are you concerned about finding the right groomer for your puppy? Are your dog’s nails clacking on the floor? Here are some tips for finding the best groomer for your dog’s needs.

1. Ask salons how they do their scheduling.

Groom shops use different scheduling methods. The type of scheduling may have an impact on how stressful or fun your furry friend finds the process.

Block – With this method, groomers handle several dogs in a block of time. For efficiency, dogs are placed in kennels for at least part of the drying process rather than being fully dried with a dryer designed for pets. This is a great option for dogs who are used to being crated but may be afraid of the dryer. Typical turnaround time is about three to five hours.

Cattle call – With this system, all dogs come at a specified time, usually in the morning. Dogs are completed throughout the day, aided by the use of kennel dryers. If your dog does well in a kennel and you’d like the convenience of dropping them off before work and picking them up after, this could be a great option.

Individual scheduling – Unlike the two previous methods, where your dog spends time drying in a kennel, the groomer uses a high-powered dryer to cut drying time. This is a great option if your dog has separation anxiety or doesn’t like kennels, since they have the sole attention of the groomer for the duration of the groom. Turnaround time could range from half an hour for a Chihuahua to three hours or longer for a Newfoundland.

2. Look for recommendations.

Ask family and friends and check online ratings. Check if the salon is in good standing with the BBB. Ask groomers if they have any specialties or certifications. Some examples of specialties include scissoring, stripping, or handling aggressive, young, or old dogs. Groomers may be certified through the National Dog Groomers Association of America (NDGAA) or similar organizations.

3. Determine fair pricing in your area.

Get estimates from five to six grooming salons to find average prices. Salons may price by breed, size, or the amount of time the grooming takes. Some services, such as toothbrushing, better shampoos, or supplying bows and bandanas may be included or may be offered as add-on packages. Ask what is included in the base price. If there is a significant price difference between salons, ask why.

The right groomer will form a bond with your dog and ease them through a process that can be stressful. Even with a great groomer, your dog may still have anxiety. But don’t worry, there are ways to help ease their stress!

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