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Husky Got ‘Scolding’ From Mom And Decides To Throw An ‘Oscar-Winning’ Tantrum

| Published on March 21, 2022

Do you have a dog that will let you know when he or she is not happy? I know I do. In fact, my dog flips his bowl when I am off by 5 minutes of feeding him. 🙂  Well, you’re in for a treat (pun intended here) when you watch this hilarious video below. Please be sure to ‘SHARE’ it with a friend or family member and pass on the SMILE!

Siberian Huskies are one of the most attractive dog breeds. Their thick black and grey fur with a bright, piercing blue eyes makes them stand out. This gives them a very dramatic appearance that makes you feel as though they are staring into your soul.

Their voices, too, are quite startling. And when they’re angry, it’s like a toddler meltdown times two.



Image/Story Source Credit: YouTube Video



Take it from us: doggie meltdowns are a hoot, especially this Husky hissy fit. Blu’s fierce performance of this Oscar-winning proportion is insanely hilarious. Watch as Blu wails and screams after being disciplined for destroying his dog bed while parents were out on a date.

With a stern voice, Mom scolds Blu, and he fiercely disputes with her! Talking back and being sassy is exactly how most children are. No kidding, this lovely dog is arguing with my nearly ten-year-old son about the way he’s making a fuss.

“Blu… hey, don’t talk over me,” his mom scolds.



Image/Story Source Credit: YouTube Video



He gets quiet for a long enough time to think of something else to say that might get him out of trouble. “You don’t know what happened?” his mom asks. “Who did this? Was it you or your sister? Who made this big mess?”

Then the Oscar-winning sequence happens. Blu is not having it. He’s furious that his parents have abandoned him and has no excuse to offer. I’m laughing so hard on the floor that I’m crying!


Watch this adorable performance by Blu and be sure to ‘SHARE’ it with a friend or family member!


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His Heart Ached So Much After Family Dumped Him, Shuts Himself Down And Cried All Day:


Ritter, a 4-year-old American Bulldog from Indiana, was recently brought to the Humane Society for Hamilton County in Indiana. Following bad circumstances that had befallen his family, they surrendered Ritter.


Image/Story Source Credit: Humane Society for Hamilton County (Indiana)/Facebook


Ritter’s home, as seen in this photograph distributed by the shelter, has been significantly harmed by this construction. He misses his family too much and doesn’t understand why he must stay in this freezing shelter all the time. His soul has been seeped in anguish and despair. Now that heartbreak and bleak hopelessness have permeated his spirit, he hangs his head in sadness and refuses to make eye contact.



Image/Story Source Credit: Humane Society for Hamilton County (Indiana)/Facebook



Ritter will now have a second chance when a wonderful family volunteered to adopt him! His new family promises to heal his broken heart with love and care, making him feel secure and valued once again. Hang in there, Ritter; you’ll be just fine, cutie!


Watch this heartwarming video below and please be sure to SHARE it with a friend or family member!



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