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Traumatized Husky Hid Deep In Corner, Then ‘Her Person’ Walked In

Written by: Dee Michaels
Dee Michaels is a passionate and accomplished writer, renowned for his heartwarming and engaging stories on more
| Published on October 4, 2022

Trauma, whether physical or emotional (or both), is difficult to overcome for a rescued animal. Rehabilitating traumatized dogs so they may live a normal existence is the goal of rescuers, medical personnel, and fosters. Some dogs have it easier than others, though.

Lilac spent her days on the streets, gliding around an elementary school. When Hope For Paws stepped in to save her, they saw firsthand how terrified she was. As they fed her and then captured her, she fought fiercely.
She had no idea that these people were simply there to assist her. It was evident that she was suffering from a lot of agony.


Image/Story Source Credit: The Dodo via YouTube Video



Lilac was in utter terror when the team from Hope For Paws gave her a bath; she curled up her body, placed her snout in the corner, and shut down. She was beside herself with fright. But no one was going to give up on Lilac because they knew that with patience and love, she could overcome almost anything.


Image/Story Source Credit: The Dodo via YouTube Video



Lilac, who has been neglected for months, begins to receive human contact when she is given lots of love and attention. She forms a bond with the dogs that share her foster home. Even those who are familiar with what dogs can accomplish are astonished by Lilac’s progress.



Image/Story Source Credit: The Dodo via YouTube Video



Tanja, a potential adopter, reached out to the rescue group. She wanted to add a new dog to her family. The foster wanted her to meet Lilac, but she had no idea how that meeting would go! ❤️



Image/Story Source Credit: The Dodo via YouTube Video



Tanja arrived to talk with Lilac. The woman’s pleasant demeanor, as she strolled by and then knelt down, was just what Lilac needed. All on her own, Lilac came over to Tanja. She next planted her tiny nose on her arm, as if to say: “You seem like a nice lady.



Image/Story Source Credit: The Dodo via YouTube Video



This may not appear to be a big deal, but it was. Lilac had never touched anyone before. Not even all of the people who worked day and night to assist her. Lilac understood that Tanja was her human now! As the video depicts, that touch proved that Tanja was Lilac’s person.


Lilac was officially adopted and brought home.  There wasn’t a doubt that this was where she belonged. Tanja made it her mission to treat Lilac like a dog. Not a damaged dog but a dog. And that was exactly what Lilac needed.



Image/Story Source Credit: The Dodo via YouTube Video



The deserving dog’s life took off. Her trauma, which may always be lurking deep within her psyche, became a permanent part of her history. Lilac truly blossomed with all this unconditional love and a fantastic new family!


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