Shelter Deemed Obese Husky As ‘Unadoptable’, But One Woman Wanted To Meet Her

Mishka the Husky was so corpulent and appeared to be unwell at the shelter. She was unable to be adopted out owing to her violent behavior, and she was simply waiting around for death. But one woman noticed the dog on their website and had to go see what was going on for herself.


Image/Story Source Credit: The Dodo – Facebook Watch Video



After the meeting, Naleah called out her name and they made eye contact. She knew right then that she wanted to adopt Mishka! The obese dog would pass her temperament evaluation, and her new mother went down to the shelter to get her! Her second chance at life was now underway.



Image/Story Source Credit: The Dodo – Facebook Watch Video


Back in his home, Mishka remained withdrawn and uninterested in anything. The foster pups, on the other hand, began to draw her out of her shell little by little. A walk-and-hike regimen was established, and she lost weight as a result of it. However, this didn’t last long and you’ll definitely want to see how Mishka is doing now. Click and watch the video below!

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