Parents Found Husky Puppy In The Baby’s Crib, But That Wasn’t All

| Published on May 10, 2023

When Rio the Husky joined her forever family, she was just a tiny puppy with big dreams. However, she immediately felt at home thanks to her human sister, BabyHazel. Rio and Hazel recognized each other as siblings and promised to have a fun life together as they grow up.

Over the weeks, Rio and Hazel have developed a strong friendship that has pleasantly surprised their parents. They are like siblings who refuse to separate and can often be found hanging out together in either Hazel’s crib or Rio’s crate. They share snacks and nap together, showcasing their close bond.

Source/Image Screenshot Credit: The Dodo via YouTube Video


Rio and Hazel feel totally happy in each other’s company, to the point where the outside world fades away. They’ve even created a special way to communicate which they do flawlessly. When Rio expresses his feelings with howls, Hazel responds by copying his howls and adding her own to their lengthy and exciting talks. 🥰


Source/Image Screenshot Credit: The Dodo via YouTube Video


Recently, Rio and Hazel have been teaming up for playful mischief at home. While the family is observing differing rates of growth between the two, Rio is becoming more protective of her beloved sister. It’s heartwarming to see Rio and Hazel thriving in each other’s company, and we hope their future is full of exciting experiences!


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