Impatient Pup Blares Car Horn To Let Everyone Know He Is Ready To GO!

Dog lovers know the danger of leaving their pups in a hot vehicle. But there are other potential hazards that come along with unattended pooches in parked cars. For example, public shaming.

The disgruntled doggo in this video is sick and tired of waiting for his humans to return. Perhaps he was promised a trip to the park or a puppaccino after the day’s errands. Whatever the case, he is done waiting!

Facebooker, Elizabeth Herman posted this short video, taken on a brisk day at Vancouver Island’s Beban Park on November 19. The perturbed pup lays on the horn with all the strength in his paw, despite the videographer’s pleas. When a man approaches the window, the pooch boldly stares him down, undeterred from his mission.

Let this be a lesson to all the pup parents out there. The weather may be cool, but hanging out alone in a parked car is still a drag – and our dogs aren’t going to stand for it anymore!


H/T to Global News

Featured Images via Facebook/Elizabeth Herman

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