Man Captured Old Dog That Becomes Beautiful Puppy Once Scabs Fall Off

Rescuers saw what appeared to be an old dog running around the streets of Bali. It was obvious that the pup had severe mange that turned her skin to stone. The rescuers spent 30 minutes chasing the dog around, but thankfully they eventually captured her and named her Jimba.

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Once Jimba was at the vet’s office, the doctor revealed her real age. She was only a year old! They were completely floored! The vet put the puppy on medication, and as the crusty scabs fell off, a beautiful dog emerged.

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One of the rescuer’s friends, Avi, decided to foster Jimba. At first, Jimba was shy and unsure of her new surroundings. But after her first day, she realized she was safe, and there were lots of toys and treats for her. That’s when her puppy side came out, and it was adorable!

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Avi would have loved to keep Jimba, but she had to leave Bali to return to Australia. Thankfully, Avi found the perfect home for Jimba with her friends Katie and Jack. Once in her forever home, Jimba changed her new sibling’s life! Katie and Jack’s dog, Charlie, suffered from anxiety issues, and Jimba was exactly what he needed!

Screenshot via YouTube

The two dogs are amazing to watch together. We are so happy Jimba was rescued! Get ready to celebrate a puppy miracle by watching the video below!

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