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This ‘Good Boy’ Continually Returned Looks Longingly At His Third Home

Written by: Julie Hunt
Julie Hunt is an avid dog lover and writer for, and has a background as a veterinary technician. She rescued a beautiful former bait dog named Rory.Read more
| Published on November 20, 2023

When Abe, a sweet puppy, was returned to The Dodo office for the second time, it broke everyone’s hearts. A co-worker, Jordan, had been fostering this pup, who couldn’t find his forever home.

The office dogs were thrilled to have him back, but something about Abe’s eyes caught the attention of another colleague.


Curious about the pup’s background, the man inquired about Abe’s story. Jordan revealed that Abe and his sister, Addie, had been rescued from Puerto Rico. While Addie had already found a loving home, Abe’s journey proved more challenging. After a few weeks, Abe was adopted, and the office threw a goodbye party for him. However, it seemed that fate had other plans as Abe was returned yet again.

Determined to discover the reason behind Abe’s two-time return, the man brought him home and worked through any issues the pup might have. Abe was renamed Bean, after Kobe Bryant’s middle name. Bean quickly adapted to his new Brooklyn home, and his human companion vowed to provide a safe and loving environment until a permanent home was found.


As they spent more time together, Bean’s new foster dad figured out why the pup was likely returned. Bean was a handful! His mischievous nature led to some destruction, but that didn’t stop the two from bonding. But then, just as Bean was getting comfortable in his Brooklyn home, COVID-19 hit, and they had to leave the city for the safety of a family home in New Hampshire.


Bean’s adventures continued with his foster dad and grandparents, where he experienced snow and swimming for the first time. Both Bean and his human companion shared a love for running, which helped strengthen their bond. At the family home, Bean met two cats, Tigger and Simba. While Tigger warmed up to Bean immediately, Simba was more hesitant. Eventually, Tigger laid down the law, and the two became inseparable.

As Bean settled into his new life, he brought joy and happiness to the entire family, even helping lift the spirits of the man’s mother, who had been recovering from breast cancer. Bean’s presence proved to be healing and a source of comfort for the family. They all knew that Bean had found his forever-permanent home!

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