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Lost Dog Found 800 Miles Away From His Home

| Published on January 18, 2016

A Chihuahua named Coco went missing after he escaped from his home in Texas September last year. His mom Amanda Benton was surprised when she got a call saying that her dog was found in Georgia.

Amanda looked for Coco everywhere. She did everything she could just to get her baby safe back home. She put up flyers everywhere. Months later, she was informed that Coco has been found in Atlanta Georgia–more than 800 miles away from home!

Source: Fox 2 Detroit
Source: Fox 2 Detroit

Coco was at the Atlanta Humane Society where the staff found out from his microchip that his home address was in Arlington, Texas. Nobody knew how Coco got from Texas to Georgia.

Watch the video below for the full story!

Awww…what a beautiful reunion! Coco has traveled so far, and nobody knew how he did it! But we’re glad that he’s finally safe back home.

You can read more of this story at Fox 2 Detroit.

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