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Love Is In The Air As 500 Rescue Pets Fly Across The Country For Better Lives

Homeless dogs and cats are feeling the love this Valentine’s Day as they board planes toward better lives. is working in partnership with Freekibble to save 500 at-risk rescue animals from overcrowded and underfunded shelters across the country.

The large-scale rescue effort is made possible thanks to Wings of Rescue, an all-volunteer organization that regularly transports cats and dogs from state to state. Together, the non-profits and their volunteers are saving animals from euthanization and giving them the chance to find lasting love this holiday.

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The dogs and cats being rescued come from shelters in every corner of the country. From Florida to South Carolina, Tennessee, Mississippi, Arkansas, Arizona, and California, the animals will board five planes bound for Delaware, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Illinois, Washington, and Idaho.

With so many animals heading in all different directions, rescuers have relied on the unrelenting support from partners, donors, and volunteers. Rescue Bank has donated crates, and Halo, Purely for Pets is giving out 10,000 bowls of pet food with help from Freekibble.

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In Miami, 55 shelter dogs and cats boarded the “Freekible Flight to Freedom” Valentine’s Day morning. They were met by passionate rescuers that dedicate their free time to showing pets they’re loved and cared for. At their current shelter, all 55 animals were at a high risk of being euthanized.

Space is needed for more adoptable pets, and with not enough room and resources to go around, the too old, too young, too scared, and too sick often slip through the cracks of the shelter system. By transporting them to shelters with more room and access to care, their chances of finding homes are greatly improved.

Hopes and Prayers are not enough – and 500 lives including Wistful from the Visalia shelter are depending on Wings of…

Posted by Wings of Rescue on Saturday, February 10, 2018

One of the pups with a brand new “leash” on life is Wistful,a pup from an overcrowded shelter in California. There’s also a Hound mix named Marigold from Greenvillle, South Carolina, and a tiny Chihuahua mix named Minnie from Maricopa County Animal Care.

Each animal that boards a Wings of Rescue flight has a unique past with a heartbreaking story. But this Valentine’s day, they have hope that their lives are about to get a lot better. Once they arrive at their destinations, they’ll be well taken care of while they wait for the perfect families to find them.

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Written by Amber King
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