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Dog Who Spent 7 Yrs Chained Outside Is Overjoyed When She Gets Her Own Blanket

Written by: Julie Hunt
Julie Hunt is an avid dog lover and writer for, and has a background as a veterinary technician. She rescued a beautiful former bait dog named Rory.Read more
| Published on February 22, 2024

Every dog dreams of snuggling in their owner’s lap, basking in the love they rightfully deserve. Regrettably, some dogs endure their existence tethered outdoors or locked in a crate. These poor pups are stripped of their freedom and devoid of any affection from their humans. Luna, a diminutive and gentle dog, suffered such neglect and mistreatment with an owner who failed to express any form of love. Her life was confined to a chain attached to a tree, where she fantasized about a family that would envelop her in love and adoration.


While forced to sleep in a barrel, she dreamt of a life filled with joy, playtime, and frequent snuggles. Just as hope seemed to fade, kind-hearted individuals stepped in to offer her a fresh start. A concerned observer, distressed by Luna’s plight, alerted rescue workers, urging them to intervene.

Responding promptly, the team with DAR Animal Rescue set off for the location provided. Upon arrival, they discovered Luna, still chained next to a barrel that served as her only place away from the elements. The sight of Luna’s harsh living conditions and her neglected state moved the rescuers. Her coat was tangled and matted, obscuring her eyes.


As her rescuers approached, Luna’s tail began to wag in excitement. The DAR team freed her from her chain and lifted her with care. Luna was unacquainted with the kindness now being shown to her. She was unaware of the significant transformation her life was about to undergo. The rescuers offered her the warmth and tenderness she had been deprived of, marking the end of her years of solitude.

Following a visit to the vet, Luna received essential medical treatment. Surrounded by love and care from her rescuers, Luna started to embrace the simple pleasures she had been denied. For the first time, she experienced the comfort of lying on a blanket, secure and at ease. After a thorough grooming session, Luna emerged unrecognizable, shedding her neglected appearance.


Luna appreciated her newfound freedom and understood she would never return to her previous dismal existence. She began to play exuberantly, showering her caretakers with affection and unable to contain her happiness. Witnessing Luna’s transformation into a vibrant and happy dog was a joy to see.

It wasn’t long before Luna charmed her way into the hearts of her adoptive family. Embracing her new life, Luna delighted in the companionship of a doggy sibling, enjoying frequent walks and adventures with her new family. Luna now radiates happiness! She’s finally surrounded by a family that showers her with the cuddles she had longed for.

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