Unwanted Dog That Collapsed On Lady’s Porch Becomes A Magnificent Puppy

A lonely stray spent most of his life running. He ran from people who threw rocks at him that didn’t want him around. He ran to find adequate food and shelter. He ran to stay alive. But then one day, he grew tired and could no longer run.

Screenshot via YouTube

A woman noticed he was hanging around her porch but when she tried to help him, he’d escape again. The woman called up a rescue group and they suggested that she put a blanket out for him and see if he would finally lie down and rest. It worked!

Screenshot via YouTube

The pup had surrendered and collapsed on the woman’s porch. The rescuers arrived, prepared to trap him just in case he ran again, but the exhausted pooch wasn’t going anywhere. He was beyond exhausted. Riddled with mange and scabs, and emaciated, it was time to get this dog to the vet!

Screenshot via YouTube

Once safe in the car, the rescuers knew he had a second chance at life but it would be a long, tiring road full of challenges. But now the dog who had spent his life fighting on his own, had wonderful humans to fight his battles with him. The pup’s transformation is incredible. We are so grateful for this rescue! Wait until you see him now!

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