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Man Miraculously Catches Freefalling Jack Russell

Written by: Scott H
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| Published on May 19, 2022

If we’re being honest, we can all agree that most people at a pub lack the hand-eye coordination to catch things – especially a dog falling from the sky. Okay, maybe not exactly falling from the sky, but plunging from a rooftop. Close enough.

This was the case for 29-year-old Adam Ravenhall, who caught a Jack Russell Terrier in mid-flight off a roof. It happened at Mount Pleasant Pub in Kingswinford, Staffordshire in England.

The precariously perched pup had been found earlier in the day at a nearby park. The pub owner, Neil Lacey, put the dog into the apartment above the pub until his family could pick him up. They thought he’d be safe up there, but they couldn’t have been more wrong.

“We put it in the flat upstairs whilst they had their carvery after the game. The dog climbed out the window and onto the roof and someone said, ‘The dog’s on the roof,’” Lacey told Daily Mail.

Lacey ran back inside to tell his staff to run upstairs and get the dog. Unfortunately, it was too late.


This Dog Does All Of His Own Stunts

Terriers, as you probably know, are curious creatures. It’s their curiosity, coupled with their bravery, that made them excellent hunters. However, in modern times, their curiosity will apparently find them freefalling off of rooftops.

Adam Ravenhall happened to be in the right place at the right time. He was at the Mount Pleasant Pub celebrating with his soccer team. He caught a glimpse of the dog and instinctively knew what was going to happen.

“I read the situation a mile off, as soon as it was on the ledge I thought, ‘This can’t go right,’” said Ravenhall. “I just got into position, I went to where I thought the dog would fall. It would probably have died, it was just a small dog.”


Ravenhall quickly got into position and braced himself. CCTV caught the entire ordeal, which lasted only a few quick seconds.

Ravenhall Was In The Right Place At The Precisely Right Time

Out of nowhere, the Jack Russel came flying into Ravenhall’s arms. He caught the little daredevil and cushioned his fall. Before he could lower the dog to the ground, he wiggled out of his arms and landed on his head.


The dog wasn’t hurt whatsoever. In fact, he took off in a hurry to continue his adventurous day out, and yes, the lucky pup made it home safely to his family!

Watch the death-defying video here!

Featured Photo: @themountpleasantpubkingswinford/Facebook