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Man Hears That Pet Store Is Closing And Does Something Incredible For Animals In Need

| Published on June 14, 2016

Canadian Sean Squires heard that a local pet store was going out of business and decided to take full advantage of their closing sales–and all for a great cause.

On Sunday morning, Squires walked into Petculture, located in St. John’s, Newfoundland, and bought out their entire supply of dog and cat food. That’s 570 bags and cans of food–all to be donated to local shelters.

The generous bargain hunter scored $13,000 worth of pet food for a fraction of the cost, purchasing it for $3,000. But 3 grand is still a whopping amount of money to donate!

Check out that receipt!

Because of his selfless act, the store didn’t have to dump all the extra food, like they initially feared.

“Previously, we were hoping we could donate the rest of the food that would be remaining to the shelter, but due to liability issues, the company can’t really allow that, which is understandable, but we were worried we were going to have to throw it out at the end,” explained employee Erika Penney in The Telegram.

The publication asked Squires why he decided to do the good deed. “Because I could, and the animals needed it, basically. I thought it was the normal thing to do,” he told them.

“To be honest, I couldn’t not do it. I honestly couldn’t. Because it’s something like $10,000 off the food, and the shelters, they must be dying for that,” he added.

He also explained that he lived in Qatar for a decade, where there are lots of stray animals. The locals, he said, “naturally” care for the critters.

As it turns out, the humble animal lover has a full house of felines all his own.

“I’ve got three cats off the streets from Doha, I brought those over, and there’s another cat that came around when I got back from overseas. I started caring for her, but she showed up with five kittens, so I care for nine now,” he told The Telegram in good humor.

“I’m not even a cat person, to be honest, but they’re really beautiful, so you can’t not help them,” he said.

What a generous soul! Thanks for your kindness, Mr. Squires!

(h/t: The Telegram)

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