Piglet That Fell Off Farm Truck Has A Crush On Calf No One Wanted

A sweet little piglet named Marley fell off a factory farm truck. She miraculously survived and was taken in by Sisu Refuge. The poor baby was, understandably, in shock.

The piglet, although loved and doted on by her rescuers, went into a deep depression. They believed she missed her mom so much that her little heart was broken. Marley refused to eat or drink. At this rate, she wouldn’t survive. But no one was giving up on the little one.

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With determination and creativity, Marley’s rescuers were finally able to get some fluids into her with flavored sports drinks rather than plain water. It took some time, but Marley adjusted to her foster home. Her rescuers wanted Marley to get to a place where she was eating and drinking regularly. It was also important that the little girl came out of her shell and was eager to play before moving her to a permanent home. And, with time, she surely did!

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Critter Creek Farm Sanctuary eagerly awaited Marley’s arrival. A transport and rescue organization called Destination Liberation Rescue stepped in to help. One of their rescuers, Jason, was driving a baby cow named Eli down to the sanctuary.

Eli, like Marley, was at a crucial point in his life. He also refused to eat. When the two meet, their lives change dramatically. They form a bond like you wouldn’t believe! A tiny pig and a bull calf don’t just become friends, they form a family! See the complete heartwarming story below.

Screenshot via YouTube

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